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How Peyton Manning Revolutionized Football!

How Peyton Manning Revolutionized Football!

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterback’s of all time in almost every statistical category. He has thrown the most Interceptions a rookie NFL quarterback has ever thrown (28). Manning also holds the record for most touchdown passes in a season with 55. But Peyton Manning changed the game of football in more ways than stats and championships.
ManningChargersPeyton Manning came into the National Football League from the University of Tennessee, as a pocket Passer. Manning developed into the most elite passer the game has ever seen. His pre game preparation was unheard of. His ability at the line of scrimmage to audible out of this play, and into that play was second to none. He managed a no huddle offense that like no other. It was not to hurry to the line and run as many plays as possible, it was to get to the line, see what the defense was lining up in, and change the play to where the defense was not going to be.
There will never be another Peyton Manning. He is the all-time leader in: passing touchdowns (539), Passing yards (71,940), Passing Yards in a season (5,477), Most wins (200), and one of two QB’s to beat all 32 NFL teams. Peyton Manning you will be missed.ManningSerious

That is the single most outstanding part of Manning lustrous career. His ability to change and adapt. Because now it is common core of the Quarterback position. And now that he has retired from the game he changed, it will be interesting to see where or what he adapts to. Will he go behind the mic, will he trade in a helmet and pads for a wardrobe and makeup? He he go the John Elway route and be involved in the day to day activity of a team of his choosing? Will he continue to run camps and use his influence on the kids of the future? He revolutionized one part of football. Does his retirement simply mean that he will revolutionize another part of the game he loves?

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