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Good-Bye Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning will go down as one of the best QB’s to ever step foot on a NFL football field.  Like Tom Brady said in his Facebook tribute to the two-time Super Bowl winning QB, “you have changed the game forever.”Peyton&Tom

Peyton Manning was destine to be a star coming into this league.  A Hesiman trophy finalist and the first overall pick in his draft class set him up for greatness. Manning showed true character and poise to know that nothing would be handed to him. And he proved just that.

Among the all-time great QB’s, many come to mind. Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Brett Farve, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Tom Brady and many more.  Manning no question deserves a spot with all these phenomenal quarterbacks. The records, Super Bowls, MVPs, and one that may go unnoticed is his leadership. It’s all laid out right in front of our eyes that there will not be another Peyton Manning nor will anyone ever come close to his level of play ever again.

peyton-manning-sacked-again-2015Peyton showed greatness in times of hurt. When someone can overcome the obstacles, put the pain aside, and lead your team onto the field of battle, that player is a legend.  And that was Manning.  Rain or shine, healthy or banged up, Manning was in that tunnel with his game face on ready to take the field.

Manning will be missed. When it’s all said and done at his retirement speech later today, the NFL will lose a legend, both on and off the field. The NFL will be changed. There will no longer be a No. 18 playing on Sunday’s. Manning will have hung up his cleats, and become one of us, an American who loves the game of football.

This is the first of many articles to come today as a tribute, Cleat Geeks presents Manning Monday.

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