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Could Peyton Manning have saved the Browns?

ManningGoodbyeToColts“And as I go, I go with just a few words left to say, a few words I want to address to Colts fans everywhere. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I truly have enjoyed being your quarterback. Thank you.”

Those words were the words that came from an emotional Peyton Manning as he said his farewell speech to Colts fans around the world in March of 2012.

Manning was not going to stop playing football. His love of the game was still intact, despite the sadness of not being able to put on blue and white, which he wore for fourteen years, anymore.

Now, I pose this thought. What if Manning went to Cleveland and “saved them.”

PeytonAsABrownThe Cleveland Browns don’t have a winning background, much less a consistent and wining QB.  The Browns continued to strike out on trying to find a franchise QB, leaving them with no choice but to keep looking for another.

Manning was a hot topic in free agency, as he should have been.  He ultimately chose Denver, but what if he didn’t. Can you imagine Peyton Manning in the solid orange helmet?

If Manning went to Cleveland, there QB problem would have been solved. The worst thing a team could do is constantly switching at any position, especially the one who handles the ball every offensive snap. Manning would have been there guy and the revolving quarterback door would have stayed shut.

The Browns would have been instantly better. Peyton has the skillset to make everyone around him better, even if they are not a star to the average football fan.

If Manning went to Cleveland, he could have brought a Lombari trophy come to the city.  That goal would have been accomplished not only through Manning’s play making abilities, but just the name alone would make the team a contender. Wait….explain this.

SadBrownsFan2We see this in the NBA. Free agents chase the money yes, but mostly all, want to find the best fit to play and possibly team up with another star. We saw this first hand when Lebron, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade formed “The Big Three” in South Beach. If Manning went to the Browns back in 2012, a super team could have been formed, much like it was in Denver.

If I were a football free agent, I would want to go play along-side Peyton Manning. Because in the end, my goal would be a Super Bowl ring and playing with one of the greatest, gives me the best chance to win. He has been to the big show before, he knows what it takes, and he knows the grind and the hard work needed to be on that podium after the clock hits 0 at the Super Bowl.

BrownsHelmetThe Browns would have built from the ground up. There is no question they would have become a force to be reckoned with in the AFC. A big free agent sign like Peyton Manning would spark other players and coaches interest in the team and those who Cleveland reached out to before the coming of Manning, just may have given Cleveland another look.

While it’s hard to imagine Peyton going to a team with  not so proud of a track record like the Browns, there was the opportunity for Peyton to lead them to the promise land. And think about it for a second—you put two good years of drafting and signing free agents, Manning could have led the Browns to the Super Bowl.

A fantasy for many, only to wish that it came true.

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