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NXT 3/2/2016
To kick off NXT we would start with the Vaudevillians. Their opponents would be two guys without a lower third but they have shown up in NXT Breaking Ground. Hugo Knox and Tucker Knight are their names and let see if these rookies have some game. Knox would show some of his game with a perfect standing dropkick on Aiden English but only to be met with a kick to the gut after a distraction. Know who would show his rookie in ring skills as the Vaudevillians would dominate his in a very manly way. Knox would some how make the tag and spree off about ten seconds of offense before being hit with the Rolling Dervish.

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In the NXT women’s division it would be Emma w/Dana Brooke. Her opponent new comer Santana Garrett with music that sounds just like Emma’s. Emma comes out swinging and swinging hard. FYI heel Emma is way better than face Emma ever was. Emma would mule kick Santana and that would be the beginning of the end. Emma would look like championship heel material here in this match, even Dana would get a hair grab. Emma would wrap up things with the Emma-Lock. 

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Like I said the new signee to NXT
UHH NOO Baron Corbin would not like the fact that Aries gets his moment and attacks him only to finish it with the End of Day. And then throwing Aries shirt at William Regal.

No bottom third but Steve Cutler would face off against The Macho Man Elias Samson. Of course the Macho Man would finish him off with the swinging neck breaker.

In the main event
Finn Balor

Blockbuster Match
But before the match Tom Philips would reference the Bullet Club and could they be coming to NXT.
A feel out early on in the match with both trying to get the upper hand. Neville would look like he was in control early with a dropkick to the side of the face of Balor. Vise versa Balor would do the exact same.
Coming off the break Neville would be in control trying to ground Finn Balor. Neville would make a fatal mistake by trying to run Balor into the ropes but he would be sent over the top hitting his head on the ropes. Even with that happening Neville would hit a moonsault on the outside on Balor. Coming back in the ring the two would exchange blows ending with Balor hitting a pele kick on Neville. Balor would get to his feet and use a bunch of Knife edge chops to each ring post. Neville would slide out as Balor would met him with a dropkick. Neville would connect with kicks to the gut and bounce off the ropes, Balor would follow and be met with a viscous German Suplex. Hyped up from the first one Neville would deadlift Balor into another German Suplex. Neville would go up for the Red Arrow but Balor ran up and hit him with a enzuigiri to the head making Neville fall to the outside. Balor would see that and fly over the top rope with a suicide flip onto Neville. Balor would go to the top rope be Neville would hit the rope and make Balor fall. Neville would slowly climb up with Balor and hit a Frankensteiner. Neville would immediately go for the Red Arrow and miss as Balor would hit the sling blade. Balor would finally hit his drop kick into the corner and followed up by COUP DE GRACE. Not done yet, Balor would finish with a version of hit Bloody Sunday.

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