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The Pinstripe Post; Andrew Miller, a True Clubhouse Leader

Andrew Miller, the former Yankees closer that just regained his role temporarily again, has been a true model teammate for the New York Yankees. The mistreatment of a man who should have never been replaced has not created any visible bad feelings. Instead, he has acted professionally and put the interests of the team first.

AP Photo/Ben Margot

AP Photo/Ben Margot

Not only is Miller a model for the Yankees team, but for the rest of Major League Baseball.

The New York Times wrote:

…since Miller arrived at spring training last week, there have been no harrumphs about the ingrates in the front office, no complaining to Manager Joe Girardi or the news media about a demotion, nothing at all to betray what might have been a winter of discontent.

If there is any lingering disappointment for Miller about his role — or his place in the Yankees’ plans — it is well hidden.

If Miller really wanted to complain, he would have grounds to do so. He picked up 36 saves with a 2.04 ERA with 100 SO.

This is not to say that Aroldis Chapman is a bad pitcher, he’s not. But for the distractions he’s brought, in addition to a suspension, it’s quite different from the closer of last year. Why did Miller need to be demoted?ChapmanYankees

Miller was then quoted by the New York Times, regarding why he didn’t make an issue of it:

“It wouldn’t be very welcoming on my end, or very appreciative on my end, toward a lot of people,” Miller said. “I don’t want to make Joe’s life harder. I don’t want to make Aroldis’s life harder. You know, we all want to win. That’s something that all the veteran guys want, that’s their goal, and then hopefully the young guys see that and hopefully fall into line with that.”

Winning is a novel idea in a sport that is statistic heavy, which can result in many players becoming caught up in personal glory.

2016 could be a make or break year. A lot of variables remain on the table, but if they all check out, it could be a solid run. Though he’s not the ace anymore, the pitching needs a strong C.C. Sabathia. The firm rotation backed by a bullpen that should be anchored by a humble personality and fierce competitor like Andrew Miller, but could be good all the same with Aroldis Chapman.

The question has been asked before: will the Yankees contend in 2016? As much as the team needs a lot of players to stay healthy, it also needs players like Andrew Miller to continue being a model example and leader for the team.

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