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Total Diva Fallout (Season 5, Episode 7)

Welcome to the Total Diva Fallout, which recaps the latest episode of Total Divas, “Hart of the Matter.”

NatalyaTyson2As the title suggests, the main story of the episode involved Nattie, as the subject of taking her husband’s surname, Wilson, was brought up. Nattie and Tyson Kidd (TJ Wilson) have been married for some time, but she hadn’t changed the name, still sticking with her given Neidhart name. I have always felt that it is a woman’s right to keep her name after marriage if she wants to, or to change it if she wants to. A lot of actresses keep their name after marriage. Some women, especially those from old-fashioned families, flat out change it. Nattie first brought this up to the Bellas, who messed with her a bit over not changing her name. Of course, Brie Bella goes by Brianna Danielson, and Nikki said that if that day comes and she and John Cena tie the knot, she will take the Cena name. Paige jokingly said that TJ should take Nattie’s name; classic Paige. Nattie ended up deciding to go the hyphenated route: Neidhart-Wilson, which is also done.BrieDaniel

The episode’s secondary storyline revolved around Brie and her inability to be romantic with her husband Daniel Bryan, who points this out in his own hilarious fashion. Realizing this, Brie went to her sister for advice, and that resulted in Brie doing things “Nikki Bella style” and going all out for her night out with Daniel. The problem is: both she and Daniel are low key and simple; Daniel more so than Brie. So Daniel wasn’t exactly thrilled with the flashy gesture made by Brie, and she knew that she erred in her attempt to be more romantic. The couple ended up going on a simple date night, with a flashy car that Brie rented. I dare say Brie has learned quite a bit about being romantic.

RMTotalDivasRosa Mendes was featured once again, as she was looking for something to do for WWE. She wanted to be a backstage interviewer, but WWE didn’t want her placed in a dangerous position. As we all know, backstage interviews can become violent quite a bit, and that’s not good if the interviewer has a bun in the oven. So Rosa suggested being a social media interviewer, but the taping for her segment was a disaster. I’ve never seen a Diva look so lost. I love Rosa, but I just don’t know about her sometimes. Maybe it would be best for her, now that she’s had the baby, to leave WWE and focus on motherhood, because WWE has nothing for her, and they won’t ever have anything for her.

That’s the Total Diva Fallout! Until next week!

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