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John Elway is not Paying Top Dollar

The Denver Broncos just won the Super Bowl and you are saying they need a new quarterback?

It’s inevitable that Peyton Manning cannot play the game of football anymore.

Photo by: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Photo by: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

From his back to his neck, Manning is physically not capable to play another down in the NFL. His age has caught up to him, and he is way out of his prime.  You saw him try and throw an out route….hideous to say the least.

Now, the reins are handed over to Brock Osweiler right? He has been behind Peyton Manning since coming into the league.  He has learned from one of the best to ever play the game; it is time for Osweiler to shine, but will he get his chance in a Bronco uniform?

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway has already said publicly that “this won’t be Osweiler’s big contract”, so I believe they have a budget that Osweiler wants to go over significantly. Outside of the Patriots game though, Osweiler (71.3) has shown little indication that he’s a quarterback that should be starting in this league. His 26.7 deep-accuracy percentage was second-worst in the NFL.

Can we really attack Osweiler already? This past season was his first real taste playing QB in osweiler-and-elway1the NFL. It’s not an easy position, heck it may as well be the hardest position on the field. The stats might not show right away, but it’s near impossible to become a star and a leader right away.

Osweiler put up some good numbers last season. His first positive was his 10 TDs to 6 INTs and almost throwing for 2,000 yards. And remember, the guy is 6’ 8”.

The one problem that’s keeps coming up, as stated previously, is his deep ball accuracy. In today’s game, wide receivers are much more explosive and athletic than ever before. Guys like Demaryius Thomas and Julio Jones are going to be able to beat corners and get open down field. The NFL offense today is pass heavy and if you as a QB can’t get the ball down field, you will not fit anywhere in this league.

The two other big QBs on the free agent market, Kirk Cousins (tagged by Washington) and Sam Bradford (two year, $36 million contract) just made it even harder for the Broncos to resign Osweiler.

There is no question Osweiler will have some takers but the Broncos would be missing out on their franchise quarterback. Brock may need to take the hometown discount if he wants to stay in Denver because as Elway had said, this will not be his big contract. But that seems unlikely considering both sides are far apart in negotiations. The Broncos are not going to throw money away with a QB who doesn’t have enough experience to get paid 18-20 million a year.  Reports are the Broncos do like him and want him back, but will not spend anything close to what he wants. Their range has been rumored around 12-13 million but many said it could be even lower.

Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Broncos placed their Franchise Tag on Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.  That leaves us all guessing the Broncos will let Osweiler test the market. With that being a possibility, teams like the Cleveland Browns (no surprise here), Houston Texans, and the LA Rams. With plentiful cap space for all three teams, it may turn out to be a bidding war for the up and coming quarterback, something I’m sure Osweiler would enjoy.

All of this will start to become a reality when March 7th comes upon us. They have until March 7th to negotiate with Osweiler before the two-day tampering period begins. Then the rest of the 31 NFL teams will be able to talk about a contract with Osweiler. So the Broncos would probably like to get something done with Osweiler before then. But with the current situation and Bradford and Cousins going back to their teams with a lot of cash in their pocket, the Broncos may be out of luck.

paxton-lynch-memphisThis draft is not that deep at QB either. Manning is not coming back, Osweiler looks to be heading out of Mile High, and the Broncos wouldn’t use their 1st round pick on a QB right? To tell you the truth, they might have to and the options will be narrow.  With Wentz and Goff to be off the board in the early first round, Memphis QB Paxton Lynch would be the next best QB. Lynch is 6’ 6” 225lb, has great feet, and can make plays down the field or if need be, can escape the pocket and is not afraid to get yards with his feet. Watching him on tape, Lynch is NFL ready and would fit great in that offense.

March 7th is a big date for Osweiler and the Broncos. That two day tampering period gives him plenty of time to see everyone that wants him and show him the paycheck he could earn. And it does not look like Denver would be willing to chase him after March 7th.

Weird to see a Super Bowl winning team, when Osweiler helped them get there, all of a sudden may be in need of a QB to lead them out of the tunnel come next season.

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