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Royally Yours: Super Salvy

In a not so surprising move, The Kansas City Royals and Salvador Perez have done a contract restructure and extension. The new contract which ends in 2021 is worth $52.5 million dollars. This new contract comes with a much deserved $6million dollar signing bonus. According to The contract breakdown is as follows;

Perez will get $3 million in 2017, $7.5 million in ’18, $10 million in ’19, $13 million in ’20 and $13 million in ’21.

MooreandPerezHere is a quote from Kansas City Royals GM Dayton Moore, said in the conference today as reported by

“We went into Salvy’s previous deal with expectations that obviously he was going to be a terrific player. We’ve always believed in him, as a talent, as a person, as a teammate. And he’s outperformed that contract. He [was an] underpaid player in the game.”

This was the right thing to do, yes the Royals took a chance on Perez but in a twist Perez also took a chance on the Royals, by taking a small but sure contract. Now he is a leader for the Royals. Brings in solid stats .260/.280/.426 and career stats that helped get the Royals to two World Series appearances .279/.306/.431

In a classic Salvy move who is the first person he told…

His mom (insert cute sigh)

A humble Perez said after the contract was done he was feeling happy and hoping that he would spend his career with the Royals.

YostandPerezManager Ned Yost had some very nice words about Perez as well,

“I’ve been in Major League Baseball for 25 or 26 years, and I’ve seen two catchers of All-Star caliber — Javier Lopez and Salvy. They don’t grow on trees. Very tough to find.”

I also don’t see this as a problem for baseball, it’s good business to keep players happy. It’s also good to show your organization that when a situation presents itself you can step up and do what is best for the player which in turn will also be the best for the team.

Moore is not concerned about what today’s contract extension will set as a precedent. Here is another by Moore from

“Every player is different, Every negotiation is unique. We take them all case by case. There are no two players that are the same. There are no two situations that are the same. It’s a unique situation, one that I’m not sure had presented itself in Kansas City [before].”
Check out the video of Salvador Perez talk about the contract extension and restructure.  Press Conference

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