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3 Impacts From Impact

A week has passed since Lockdown, and the event left us with a lot of questions. Last night’s Impact Wrestling got to the bottom of things, and here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

So why did Rockstar Spud turn against Ethan Carter III? Well, we knew (or at least figured) that Spud was looking for payback for what happened to him at EC3’s hands a year ago, but that was only part of his motive. Spud also lashed out at his home country fans for not being there for him, and for being bandwagon fans who cheer for their “flavor of the month,” EC3. You know, when he was gushing up to his new allies, part of me was expecting Spud to refer to Reby Sky as “Madame Reby,” like he referred to Dixie as “Madame Dixie,” back in the day. Of course, Spud would pay for it later in the day when he was challenged to an unsanctioned fight by EC3, and even more so when EC3 locked up Matt Hardy and Tyrus in the back of a trailer, allowing EC3 to thoroughly punish Spud.

The show kicked off with a classic between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode, which the former won. A post match tribute took place, with Roode and Beer Money partner James Storm honoring Angle and thanking him for everything he’s done in TNA and for TNA. The best part of the segment was them drinking together, well, really it was Storm giving Angle a jug of milk; bringing back flashbacks to Angle driving a milk truck and crashing the Alliance’s celebration all the way back in 2001. The Wolves later appeared and participated in the celebration, but also laid out a challenge to Beer Money for the tag titles, with the match being made official and taking place next week. Wow!

Gail Kim wanted answers from Maria Kanellis after her actions at Lockdown last week, well, actually, she wanted answers and a fight. Maria only gave the former, stating that she’s a lady and that if she does get in the ring and fight, she’ll be just like Gail, and she’s nothing like her. Maria also mocked Gail’s statement that she doesn’t care about being famous by bringing up her marriage to celebrity chef Robert Irvine, and later brought up her own celebrity status; her Playboy cover in 2008 and her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. Gail chased after Maria, but she would be blindsided by Jade, who pinned Gail inside Lethal Lockdown. Jade wants the Knockouts Championship, and she made that perfectly clear with her assault on Gail.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week is loaded; Angle’s last match, a tag title bout between the Wolves and Beer Money, and (possibly) Gail vs Jade for the KO Championship! Until next week!

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