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How the NBA Salary Cap Effects the Future

NBA Salary Cap


nba-free-agencyOver the next two seasons the NBA salary cap is expected to drastically rise. When the new NBA television deal kick in for the 2016-2017 season the cap will increase to 89 million with a luxury tax of 108 million. The following season the cap will increase again to 108 and the luxury tax will increase to 127 million.

Players like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry will benefit as they will try to resign at a higher salary. All three players can potential make 30 million or more on short-term deals.

Teams that would benefit from the salary cap increase

  1. lebron-jamesCavilers- The Cavs are loaded with big contracts and the increase in salary and luxury tax will help them tremendously. It will help them resign Lebron to max money (30 million or more) and will give them somewhat flexibility when it comes to bringing in a couple key veterans to play along side Love, Irving, and Thompson.
  2. Knicks – This will help Phil Jackson and the Knicks tremendously with their progression on the rebuilding stage. This will help them possibly bring in 2 max or high ended player talents to play along side Carmelo Anthony. The only questioned would be which players can the Knick acquire that can form good chemistry with Anthony in the triangle offense.
  3. StephenCurryWarriors- Even though they are on the verge of becoming the best team ever and possibly winning a second straight championship, the Warriors will benefit because they can possibly pull Kevin Durant away from the Thunder. There are numerous reports that Kevin Durant will be exploring his options and at the top of the list will be the Warriors. Curry, Thompson, Green and Durant on the same team will spell trouble for the rest of the league. With Luxury tax flexibility and Kevin Durant possibly taking a pay cut this situation can be more then a dream.
  4. Miami Heat – With Goran Dragic receiving a max deal along with Bosh and Wade. The heat will be able to resign Whiteside the young rising star to a long term high salary deal hopefully. This will help the heat keep pace and possible challenge the Cleveland Cavilers.
  5. Kevin-DurantOklahoma City Thunder – has issues already before the season ended on whether Kevin Durant will stay or not. With luxury tax flexibility hopefully they can bring in a couple mid level or another max level talent to re-insure Kevin Durant that he can win a championship in Oklahoma City.



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