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3 Final Things I Learned From Smackdown

So the rumours are true,this is my last article for Cleat Geeks. Like it’s said all good things must end and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time writing on this fine website. It’s not about me though because WWE had Smackdown on Thursday night kicking off with Triple H so what did we learn?





1.Time To Play The Game.

The Game recited a few words from the Rolling Stones but it was Roman Reigns whom the message was for. Trips explained that the assault on Raw was payback for what happened to him at the end of TLC. They showed a photo of Roman’s face and he has been taken off WWE events. The Cerebral Assassin said suit or not he is the Authority and you can’t beat it. Telling the fans they can’t do it either trying to make Reigns into the everyman. This feud has such a predictable ending that any way to add interest will be a bonus. Triple H with long-winded promos putting himself over don’t help. The WWE Championship has turned into a play thing instead of the most important prize in the sport. Both men will have to go all out for them to get the right reaction at Mania. Judging by this segment the Game is taken this match more seriously then he has been for a long time.

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2.League Of Nations Reborn?

Since forming the Nation really hasn’t been allowed to flourish. On SD however they looked like a real unit,with the return of Barrett the foursome was complete. Taking on Ziggler,Neville and the Lucha Dragons, Rusev looked better than ever and was the heavy for the match working the majority with quick tags to Sheamus and ADR. Ziggler was worked on by the League but managed to get the tag to Neville. Someone backstage must have gone off on Neville because he’s not even in the Kickoff matches anymore. He can still do amazing things and his 450 over Sheamus to Barrett was breath taking.The Lucha Dragons flew to the outside leaving Neville in the ring to hit the Red Arrow. It wasn’t to be as ADR hit a kick to Neville. One brogue kick later and Sheamus got the pin a great display by the Nation and I hope they build momentum towards Mania.


Y2AJ Show There’s A New Day Coming

Since their feud Y2J and AJ have spent a lot of time with each other Starting before FastLane against the Social Outcasts they proved they make a cohesive unit. I’m not sure what WWE plans are for these two but there are worse choices than pairing them together. The New Day are a team with loads of upside. Funny and entertaining they really are a breath of fresh air.With the match teased against the League of Nations, New Day might just become the fan friendly stable they were first intended to be. The Main event of Smackdown was Jericho,Styles and Henry vs the New Day and in recent weeks SD has been the Y2JAJ show. I haven’t got a problem with this and the match itself was fine. Jericho was worked on by New Day until Styles got the hot tag. Exploding in the ring AJ took out New Day and was left one on one with Woods. Styles got Woods in the dreaded Calf Killer and made Xavier tap out. Tag team and top rope moves in tandem and high fiving,everything looks good between AJ and Y2J but for how long? This is WWE and the road to Mania is paved with twists and turns.

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