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NXT 2/24/2016

Only in NXT is the word tag team not shamed on. We would kick the show off with the hottest team in NXT my personal favorite American Alpha. (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable)
They would take on BAMF aka The Freddy Krugers aka Blake and Murphy with Alexa… What does the F stand for in BAMF anyway?
Chad Gable would start off against Murphy and of course he would put on a 101 of how to wrestle with his perfect technical skills. Even when Blake entered the ring he was overpowered by Gable. From his arm drag to his flying head scissors, he would put on a technical how to for about 12 in this match. Of course Jordan would enter the ring at time but this was a Gable dominated match. Gable would have Blake in a vicious armbar until Murphy was tagged in and laid on a viscous clotheline. At this time Gable would finally be grounded and cut off from Jordan. Blake and Murphy would double team Gable with working holds to wear him down. After finally somehow making the tag to Jordan; Jordan would explode with clothesline sand oh yes SUPLEXS !!!! The straps came down to signal the end. Jordan would hit the running shoulder tackle on Blake setting up the Bridging Suplex from Gable. 1…2…3.



I’m saying that Apollo Crews should carry the mantle after Finn, Joe and Sami leave. His opponent for tonight would be an indie rising star Christopher Girard. And yes he did have a lower third. I would describe Girard as very feisty in this match up with Crews. Crew would show his feisty side with forearms to the face ending with a strong drop kick. Girard would use nasty uppercuts and forearms strikes to Crews. You would think this was a bare knuckle brawl the way Girard treated it. After a Gillberg like scream he would hit Crews with a debilitating back elbow. Crews would of course have enough and end it finally with the toss powerbomb but very impressive showing from Girard.


Why isn’t this awkward, if you didn’t know Bull Dempsey was release maybe about a week to two weeks ago by NXT. NXT does their tapings in advance. Like next week Austin Aries will appear. SPOILER ALERT
He would take on Tommaso Ciampa. Spoiler Alert do you really think they would put over someone they knew they were gonna release. FYI Bull is selling his NXT gear on EBay.



In our main event it would be Eva Marie & Nia Jax vs. (Baymella) Carmella & Bayley. I wish the woman division would be respected all around the WWE. Carmella would start this match off and take right to Eva Marie getting payback from last week. Carmella would not let up from pounding on Eva. Bayley would get the tag but after a pin Eva would tag Nia Jax. Jax would make a difference, until she tagged Eva back in. Eva would get trapped in the corner and get two body splashes from both of Baymella. After they would both hit the moon walk or at least Bayley tried but it doesn’t matter she is having fun. After the break Carmella would still be on top of Eva having her in a working headlock. After Nia would make the tag and just bully Carmella wearing her down in a big bear hug. Nia would continue the onslaught with the crowd really wanting Carmella to make the tag to Bayley. After a miss tackle Nia would be sent to the outside with gave Carmella the opportunity to tag in Bayley. Bayley would use the hot tag to her advantage. She would hit the
Bayley-to-Belly on Eva only for Nia to break the count. Nia would hit Bayley with a head butt forcing her to tag Carmella. Carmella would stick Eva in her leg submission only for that to be broken up by Nia. Nia would knock down Bayley and drag Eva to her corner so she could force a tag. Nia would hit her three leg drops and of course to make the crowd mad, Eva tagged in to pin Carmella 1…2…3.


Next week
Finn Balor

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