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Two games for the Milwaukee Bucks in this installment of Bucks Beat and two losses for many of the same reasons. On Thursday night the Bucks fell to the Celtics in Boston 112-107. Then Saturday night they returned home to see the Detroit Pistons but they would also fall to them opening a five game home stand with a 102-91 loss. Both losses share common themes.bucks-logo

1). Poor starts. The Bucks spent much of the last two games working up hill in each because of poor starts. As by the end of the first quarter the Bucks were down by ten points.

2) Poor defense. The Celtics shot 48.8% in the game Thursday. The Pistons would follow that 42% including 40% from three point range. The Pistons sank 12 three pointers in the game on Saturday night

3) Offensive rebounds. The Bucks allowed the Celtics nine offensive rebounds and followed that up by allowing the Pistons 17.

4) Turnovers. The Bucks had moderately high turnover total of 14 on Thursday night and upped that to a game changing 21 with the Pistons.BucksBeatInArticle1

While the Bucks would rally in both games the above items proved too big of a problem to overcome. The Bucks are at home all week beginning Monday night with the Rockets but with each loss a playoff run appears less and less likely as the Bucks continually keep having reoccurring problems develop in the same area. The Bucks are a young team but there players are struggling with consistency in all areas of the game on both ends of the floor.

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