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Total Diva Fallout (Season 5, Episode 6)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Total Diva Fallout, which recaps the most recent episode of Total Divas. For this week, it’s a look back at this past Tuesday’s episode, “End of a Friendship?”

FoxyPaigeTotalDivasIMO, this was an episode filled with drama, including the main story, Alicia Fox considering ending her friendship with Paige. We have seen Paige and Alicia gel as 2/3 of the “Three Amigas” ever since they became part of the show back in Season Three. They’re two peas in a pod, mainly because they’re both nuts. It was an incident that was actually shown on an earlier episode of Total Divas that has led Alicia to consider what she called a “lifestyle change.” However, as the episode progressed, the two patched things up, and their bond remains tight.

rosa-mendes-instagramMeanwhile, the third “Amiga,” Rosa Mendes, was dealing with the difficulties of having her fiancee, Bobby Schubenski, meet her religious mother. Bobby is an atheist, so that will cause problems. Rosa actually telling Bobby to act like a believer in God just for her benefit was immensely off-putting to me. Those two should have talked about this much, much earlier; especially since religion is a very controversial topic. And because of that, it all fell apart when they were dining, with Bobby walking out and the couple arguing. Again, they should have planned ahead.

The Bellas were at it again, with Nikki discussing her fears of being alone, while Brie did not appear to be compassionate to her sister in her time of need. Nikki’s comment to Brie in the beginning of the episode stuck with me. She said that Brie doesn’t realize how she says things, which is true. Brie is too, too blunt at times; it has definitely been shown on the program, and it’s mostly at Nikki. Nikki had to confide in Natalya with her fears of being alone, and that led to Nattie talking to Brie about what Nikki has been going through. Of course, Brie apologized for her actions, saying that she will always be there for Nikki.

That is this week’s Total Diva Fallout! Until next week!

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