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3 Impacts From Impact

This past Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling was definitely one to remember, as it was the Lockdown edition of the program! So many things stood out, but here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Why, Spud, why?!

That is the question on everyone’s minds after what occurred in the main event. Ethan Carter III had his rematch against Matt Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship, and despite the Six Sides of Steel structure, Tyrus still managed to get involved, but EC3 put him at bay when he chained his former running buddy to the ropes and fought on. Later into the bout, the evil Reby Sky entered with hammer in hand, but out came Rockstar Spud, who took the hammer from Reby’s possession. So it appeared that Spud would again help EC3 for the second straight week, but at that moment, Spud slammed the cage door on EC3’s head! He later opened the door and allowed Hardy to escape and retain the World Title. Now, we all recall the horrible things that EC3 did to Spud last year, but with the way he was bullied by Hardy and Co., this was still a stunning betrayal from the home country favorite. Spud cemented his betrayal and handed Hardy a steel chair, but Matt decided to let Spud finish off EC3, which he did, while saying that “he always does the right thing.” Judging by Spud’s actions, that statement can be questioned.

The first ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown

This match definitely did not go as Gail Kim planned. First off, Madison Rayne was taken out, leaving Gail’s side at a disadvantage. Secondly, Gail was again plagued by Maria Kanellis-Bennett and her rhetoric, which led to Gail challenging Maria to step it up and team with her and Velvet Sky at Lethal Lockdown. However, Maria did what we all figured and acted like she would participate, only to leave and lock the cage door, putting Gail and Velvet at a disadvantage. The Dollhouse won, with Jade pinning Gail for the victory. Now, this should be the thing that pushes Jade to a title feud, but it does appear that Gail vs Maria could be on tap down the line. The next few weeks should be interesting in the KO Division.

The confrontation between Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley

It was last month that an upcoming match between the two was made, with the bout serving as Kurt’s last on the farewell tour. Lashley brought up Kurt beating him for the World Title last year in the UK, and since then, he’s been messing with Kurt; even (in his own way) challenging his manhood this past Tuesday on Impact. I myself can’t help but wonder where this will go, especially for Lashley, who may be aligning with Raquel; yes, no? That match is in two weeks, but I have a feeling it’ll be worth the wait!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week is the fallout from Lockdown, so until then!

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