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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which covers everything in the past week in women’s wrestling, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with WWE’s Fastlane PPV.

SummerRaevsPaigeRaw saw a heated confrontation between Brie Bella and Charlotte, as I expected. This was the first Raw after Daniel Bryan’s retirement, and of course, we would hear from Brie Bella, and we would also see Charlotte playing the typical “cruel heel” role. Both Divas shined in their promo, which ended (also expectedly) with Brie getting the upper hand. Also, the build up to the Divas tag team bout continued, with Becky Lynch defeating Naomi, but the biggest surprise was Summer Rae. Summer Rae had been lost in the shuffle since the whole thing with Rusev ended, but not only was she back on Raw this past Monday, she defeated Paige. Wow! I can’t help but wonder where this is going.

The next night was the Knockouts turn, with Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeating the Dollhouse. And of course, the Dollhouse attacked the winners. However, Velvet Sky entered and took out the Dollhouse, and laid out a historic challenge: Dollhouse vs Gail/BPs inside Lethal Lockdown! Lethal Lockdown has been a staple in TNA’s Lockdown event for years, but for the first time ever, the Knockouts will be involved! I am anxious for this match, but to be honest, I’m anxious to see what will happen in the weeks following Lockdown. Something needs to be done regarding the KO Division; we can’t have the same old, same old.

Wednesday’s NXT featured the evil Eva Marie and her partner in villainy, Nia Jax, speaking about attacking “BayMella” on the previous week. As a result, the two duos will clash on NXT this upcoming Wednesday. Can I just say how much I love this villainous duo; always have since reading about them competing at house shows months ago. An evil queen needs an enforcer, and these two complement each other so well. I can’t wait to see even more of them on NXT, and maybe on the main roster in due time.

A double dose of Divas action on SmackDown, as Sasha defeated Tamina, but was attacked by her and Naomi, leading to Becky Lynch entering. It’s been documented that Becky and Sasha aren’t the best of friends, but as they stated, they’ll work together to take down their enemies at Fastlane. Later in the evening, Charlotte defeated Natalya in non-title action, and her mocking of Daniel Bryan led to Brie Bella entering and taking down the Divas Champion once again.charlottebrie (1)

WWE’s second annual Fastlane event concluded the week, and the main show began with Becky and Sasha defeating Naomi and Tamina, as we all figured. The tag match was spectacular and received a lot of time; allowing the Divas to truly shine. Charlotte vs Brie came much later, and Brie delivered multiple homages to not only her husband, but her sister as well. The boots she donned had the same look as the ones Bryan had on at WrestleMania 30, and on two occasions, Brie struck Charlotte with the same forearm move that Nikki has used for the last year and a half, which I call the “Bellahammer.” Honestly, I thought that WWE would go the whole sympathy/inspirational route and have Brie win, but Charlotte retained, which was the more logical move considering what they have planned for WrestleMania involving the Divas.

gailKim3This past week also saw Gail Kim celebrate her 39th birthday on Saturday; hard to believe, but it’s true. Gail has been wrestling for over a decade and a half; making history multiple times in her career. She stands as the only woman to capture the prestigious WWE Women’s Championship in her WWE debut, she is the first ever TNA Knockouts Champion, she is the 2nd longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history, and overall, Gail is a seven time champion, counting her run as KO Tag Team Champion. I predicted that 2016 will see Gail in the TNA Hall of Fame, which I thought should have happened last year. However, Gail doesn’t seem to show any signs of hanging it up anytime soon, so maybe if the HoF nod is pushed back for another year, maybe Gail could have one final run as a heel.

A new week begins tonight and it’s loaded! The final countdown to WrestleMania begins, Lockdown on Tuesday, BayMella vs “EvaJax” on Wednesday, hopefully some women’s action on Lucha Underground, and SHINE 33 on Friday! Until next week!

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