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Just 4 days after the trade deadline, and 8 days after the All-Star Break, the Hawks had an opportunity to make a splash in the market. Dwight Howard, Amir Johnson, Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore, I’m sure we can all toss many names that could have either been traded away or suited in a Hawks uniform. Not just names, but meaningful players that could have had a chance to help the roster in filling the void to get the team back to where they left off last post season. The Hawks made a move before the end of the clock, but does it exactly make them that much better?

Atlanta Hawks send Justin Holiday to the Chicago Bulls, for backup Kirk Hinrich, in what would be his return to Atlanta, before going back to Chicago. At 35 Hinrich is still as savy as a defender as there is, not the best in the league, but has an on the ball presence that could annoy any player.

KirkHinrich picWhat we are trying to figure out, is what it really does for the Hawks going forward, given the fact Kirk has only played in 35 games, and is averaging a career low in steals and points. Sure he can play the 1 or 2, but does it solidify anything by helping you stop LeBron in the East, or Curry in the West?

Open up about you think below! Could the Hawks have done better, or is this the best they could find?


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