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South Side Salutations; Rollins Good or Bad Deal?

The White Sox signed Jimmy Rollins, 37 on Monday to a minor league deal that would pay him $2 million dollars if he make the major league club.JimmyRollins

Rollins is a 16 year veteran, The 2007 NL MVP. He played 144 games with the LA Dodgers in 2015 hitting .224 with 24 doubles, 13 home runs, 41 RBIs and a .643 OPS. He will get a chance to earn a job at SS with it being vacated by Alexei Ramirez, so far the top front-runner for the position is Tyler Saladino but he is still an uncertainty so is Carlo Sanchez. Tim Anderson is still a step or two away from making the major league roster. Rollins is expected to arrive at the big league camp on Thursday  Hahn Said “First and foremost, it provides us with another quality option for our infield. It provides us with some veteran depth in that area where we previously did not have it. And again, it adds to what we feel is a quality mix in the clubhouse as far as a leader, he brings energy and a competitive edge each day.”

Rollins, as reported by Ken Rosenthal, turned down two teams that offered super-utility jobs and guaranteed deals for more money. He actually wanted a chance to win the SS job with the White Sox. It Is possible that Rollins took a minors deal with a fairly substantial guaranteed base salary over some big league deals with lower salaries or a questionable role. As a White Sox fan I really hope this works out and he becomes the mentor/leader we need him to be. But, I also hope he doesn’t become one of the bad signings we have had in the past. We have had quite of few of those players from where we signed them hoped they be good, but obviously it didn’t work out so well. Here are a few players we signed and didn’t work out so much

  1. CansecoSoxCardJose Canseco- As a fan I could not figure out why they signed Jose, he spent his last season with the White Sox batting .258 and tagging 16 home runs in 76 games when he was brought in after Frank Thomas got hurt. He fit in okay but wished he wasn’t with us.
  2. Manny Ramirez-  The White Sox Signed Ramirez  in 2010 a signing most weren’t sure about he was a far cry from the player he was with the Indians and Red Sox he was way past his prime. Ramirez maintained a .261 batting average over 24 games in 2010— a far cry from his breakout .349 season with the Red Sox in 2002.
  3. Andruw Jones- Another not so good player on that 2010 team Jones didn’t have a great season, after 12 seasons with the Braves he landed with the White Sox. As a Sox center fielder, he played 107 games and carried a .230 average.
  4. John Kruk-  After nine years in the National League with the Phillies and Padres, first baseman John Kruk decided to end his career in Chicago. During the 1995 season, Kruk played 45 games, tagging 49 hits, two home runs and 23 RBIs. His .308 average was decent — for a worn out ballplayer. But the way he left the league is more memorable to some than the way he played in it- he famously retired in the middle of the game after getting a hit for the Sox against the Orioles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Some of those players were fine, but I am as a fan am hoping Jimmy Rollins works out at SS and we have the depth we need, now if we can go and sign that outfielder we are in need of now id be a happy fan!.









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