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WWE FastLane 2016 Predictions

After my disastrous Rumble predictions, I’m picking myself off the floor and trying to get the perfect score for FastLane !




US Championship

 Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio

The Kick-off match and its two out of three falls.With Sin Cara back from injury, Kalisto’s US title run is much of a muchness. I can’t see Kalisto defending successfully against ADR. Del Rio has been treading water in recent weeks and with the League of Nations falling like flies Alberto only has Rusev as back up. That will be enough though to get the job done. ADR needs this win and Kalisto will go back to the Tag division. What’s next for Del Rio ? WWE could do worse than have an US v IC title unification match at Mania.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


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Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Team B.A.D. Naomi and Tamina

It’s quite a surprise to see this Diva’s match on PPV. It gives these four women a chance to show us what they can do. Becky and Sasha are strong favourites going in and Banks has unfinished business. Not just with Charlotte but as a former member of Team B.A.D emotions will run high during this match. Tamina is one of the most underrated Divas and a monster push would help her. WWE seems to have given up on her though, so except an easy win for Becky and Sasha. With a date with the Divas title at Mania Banks has a big couple of months coming up.

Winner: Becky and Banks



WWE Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

Kevin Owens is a great wrestler and so is Ziggler but there’s something about this that feels thrown together. KO became a two-time champ on RAW and has been feuding with Dolph since the Rumble so it kind of makes sense. Having Owens losing the title so quickly after winning it doesn’t make sense. A great match against Ziggler at FastLane can restore some of the shine to the IC belt. KO is a fantastic title holder making any belt he wears the belt. As we saw in his feud with Ambrose the IC title can mean something when WWE try. Ziggler is a perennial midcarder who had a chance with the World title but injury got in the way. Owens on the other hand can be a main eventer he just needs to be taken seriously by WWE management.

Winner: Kevin Owens




AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

This match deserves to be on PPV. Styles is a performer who performs best when it matters and agaisnt Y2J they should steal the show. The feud has been watered down a little bit with both men facing each other for the third time in a month. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem for either men as the story is essential, and the storyline is; “does Style belong in the WWE.” Apart from the King’s commentary on Smackdown it’s been all positive for AJ. With his first WWE PPV win under his belt and with Wrestlemania next, now is a great time for the phenomenal one.Unless Owens gets involved.

Winner: AJ Styles




Big Show,Kane, Ryback  vs The Wyatts

The Wyatt’s have been on a tear in WWE as of late. Taking out Lesnar at the Rumble they moved on to the three men involved in this match.  The Wyatt’s will have to put in a strong performance to be taken seriously against Brock. Big Show and Kane have been around for years and their job will be to make the Wyatt’s look dominating. Ryback even with his new look  has done nothing as of late and it’s a shame because the Big Guy has talent. WWE have already made plans for Mania but you would think Kane Show and Ryback will be in the Andre the Giant battle royal. As for the Wyatt’s like I said they have a date with the Beast so this wont be the last time you see the Wyatt’s tonight.

Winner: The Wyatt’s


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WWE Divas Championship

Charlotte vs Brie Bella

Charlotte’s Divas title reign hasn’t set the world alight. Everything good about her in NXT has been completely lost on the main roster. In her father’s shadow pairing her up with Slic Ric was the wrong way to go. Brie is the challenger and apart from being a Bella doesn’t have much to offer. Just because she’s Bryan’s wife doesn’t mean she wrestles like him. Except lot’s of mistakes and the crowd to be lukewarm at best. WWE needs to give Banks the title at Mania and the next night on Raw be confronted by Bayley. Divas divison saved !

Winner: Charlotte




Winner Faces Triple H for WWE Championship

Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

Has there been a more predictable main event? With the rules meaning no DQs, WWE should just have a sign saying the Wyatts interfere. Brock won’t’ be fighting for the tile at Mania but what about Ambrose? Is he just here to get pinned or have WWE got another plan. In a word no, the Reigns Triple H match has been set in stone for quite some time. Reigns wins and the brotherhood stays intact. On a quick side note what a waste of the IC title. Does WWE forget Ambrose is champ it would mean more if Owens was still champ fighting Ziggler whilst Ambrose flirts with the main event scene. After watching RAW I see WWE agrees with me. Even though Ambrose isn’t IC champ that doesn’t mean he will win its Roman all the way. Except a cracking effort by all three men involved.

Winner: Roman Reigns.



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