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3 Things We Learned From Smackdown

The Last SmackDown before FastLane what did we learn ?



1.Y2J Says Yes

After a great match with the Miz where Jericho won with the Walls. He called out Styles and explained that he was trying to make a name of himself off Y2J. He said even though he respected him but didn’t like him. Styles attacked Y2J which made Jericho changed his mind. Styles v Jericho is on! Should be a great match but Jericho promised Styles he will regret it.


2. Dudley’s Are Relevant Again

Dudley’s as heels worked long before they returned last year. Currently, the Duds are stuck as a has been tag team. Therefore,the beauty of their turn is that they can feed off these emotions to get more heat. Reigns was sneak attacked by them on Raw which lead to this tag match. Bubba was brilliant slapping Roman round the face and acting like his old TNA self. There was no sign of dissension between Ambrose and Reigns and they worked well to have the Dudley’s beaten until..


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3. Lesnar’s First SmackDown Appearance for 12 Years

Brock Lesnar’s music hit distracting Reigns and Ambrose. The Dudley’s still couldn’t take advantage and when Ambrose was outside Lesnar struck like an animal, throwing Ambrose about. The former Shield boys looked to have the Beast down, but they were both taken to suplex city.With Brock staring at Ambrose it gave Reigns enough time to hit a superman punch but when he went for his spear he barged into Ambrose. He tried to hit Dirty Deeds on Roman but Reigns reversed with a Samoan drop. When he turned round he was taken down by a F5 and Lesnar was the last man standing. Triple H came out to stare down the competition with Lesnar looking like the favorite. Could we see the Beast vs the Game at Mania ?






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