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NXT 2/17/2016

Enzo and Big Cass would team up with American Alpha to take on The Freddy Krugers, I mean Blake and Murphy and their teammates Dash and Dawson.
Early in the match the G.O.A.T Chad Gable again showed off his great in ring technique grappling Dawson to the ground. After that Dawson would push Gable into his corner with Blake, Murphy and Dash would all jump in the ring. With them in the ring Enzo, Big Cass and Jason Jordan would come to back him up. Everything would break down with American Alpha and Enzo and Big Cass standing tall. After the break Blake and his crew would systematically wear down Chad Gable. After finally making the tag to Jordan, the energy would pick up as him and Big Cass would clean house. Jordan and Gable would be in the ring and BRIDGING SUPLEX 1…2 Broken up . Gable would send Dash to the outside and oh no. In Enzo and AIR ENZO on Dawson 1…2…3. How You Doing.

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Oh no, please not again. Deanna Purrazoo would take on Asuka. If we remember last time Purrazoo lost her last match with Asuka by weigh of K.O.. That’s the first time in years I ever heard or saw a match end like that. Give Purrazoo credit at least she tried. Probably the best looking woman beside Alexa Bliss in NXT got destroyed. Winner by Roundhouse.

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So perfect it has to be The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger. His opponent looked very angry and seemed to be raging; Alex Riley. I love how when Dillinger executes something to a perfect 10 he does his cartwheel that looks like a 5. Riley would get enraged, get it enrage, nevermind. Dillinger would spur off a little offense until a big right hand from Riley. It looked like Riley was taking notes from the Miz as he would try to go for the Skull Crushing Finale but a roll up by Dillinger 1….2…3… DILLINGER WINS DILLINGER WINS . Such a Perfect 10.

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Here we go
Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe
#1 Contender match for the NXT Championship.
Random but I feel that Samoa Joe is the only Samoan that doesn’t use the Samoan Drop but yet his name even includes Samoa. After a couple armbars and headlocks Samoa Joe would finally find a opening and use kicks and strikes. Sami would get a moment of momentum but just be powered down by Joe. Joe would bully Sami making him seem like the true underdog. Sami Zayn would somehow get a second wind and clotheline Joe and actually somehow hit him with the Blue Thunder Bomb. But a couple moments aren’t going to beat Joe as he would hit a vicious big boot senton combo. The two would go back and forth ultimate ending with SAMI ZAYN HITTING THE HELLVA KICK 1….2….3. Wait both of their shoulders were down. Once again it ends in confusion here on NXT.



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