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The Ring Joe Almost Had


When Joe Thomas was drafted to the Cleveland Browns in 2007, I was happy to see the team get it right. They got a guy who could be a Pro-Bowler and a potential Hall of Famer. Joe Thomas has been with the Browns for 9 seasons and in those 9 seasons, he has done the following:

9x Pro-BowlerJoeThomasHawaii

6x First Team All-Pro

2x Second Team All-Pro

Thomas is the only Offensive Lineman to be selected to 9 consecutive Pro-Bowls to start a career.  He has been the heart and soul of this Cleveland Browns team and loved by many fans, loyal fans who have stuck around each season.  Joe is one of my favorite Browns players on today’s roster because of his hard work on the field and the commitment he has to this team.  But this past season, Thomas was feeling different.

There were rumors going around that Joe Thomas was showing some frustration with the Browns.  In November, right around the Trade Deadline, there were talks about the Browns trading Joe Thomas to the Denver Broncos.  Ex-GM Ray Farmer told reporters that there was nothing. “From my vantage point, we had some conversations, and at the end of the day, they all resonated in the same thing – nothing,”  Thomas was not traded and finished his season with the Browns.  The Browns finished the season 3-13, out of the playoffs, and have the #2 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

As we know, the Denver Broncos continued their remarkable yet insane season. The Broncos starting QB Peyton Manning was battling an injury most of the season, creating turnovers and throwing picks galore. Manning sat out for 6 weeks and along came Brock Osweiler.  Osweiler showed some success on the field with the absence of Manning. At the Season Finale against the San Diego Chargers, Osweiler struggled a bit, down 13-7 and along came Peyton Manning.  Manning was out since Week 10. Despite having a slow start, Manning and the Broncos came back and won 27-20. The Broncos won the AFC West and clinched a 1st-Round Bye. Making it to the AFC Championship against the New England Patriots, Manning and the Broncos prevailed and headed to Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers.  The Broncos steller defense and leadership from Manning himself helped them defeat the Panthers and become winners of Super Bowl 50.

As a Cleveland Browns fan, you wonder, “What if Joe Thomas was traded to the Broncos?”  The fans most beloved player could have been a Bronco. He could have made it the playoffs for the first time in his remarkable career. He could have been a Super Bowl Champion. He could have gotten that ring that he desperately wants before his career ends.


I applaud the Browns for not making a move to trade Joe Thomas. Would I have been upset?  Probably. But would I have been upset if he was with the Broncos and made it to the Super Bowl?  Absolutely not. When the Browns let go of longtime kicker Phil Dawson, I was upset but not surprised.  When he made it to the Super Bowl with the San Fransisco 49ers, I was happy. I was upset that his team lost but happy Dawson made it a Super Bowl. I hope someday, whether he is with the Browns his whole career or not, Joe Thomas will make it to a Super Bowl.  But seriously, what if Joe Thomas was part of the Denver Broncos?


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  1. Zach Brunner

    February 20, 2016 at 2:09 am

    I wish he was able to go to Denver. He is such a phenomenal player, and he is great and very kind in-person too!

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