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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night’s Impact Wrestling was the home stretch to next week’s Lockdown episode, and it did not disappoint. Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

  1. Babyface Ethan Carter III was definitely the top highlight for me. He called out Matt Hardy, only to get his former running buddy, Tyrus, instead, leading to a fight between the two that would later include Hardy, who entered at the right time for him. EC3 decided to fight the two of them on his own, and wouldn’t accept help from anyone, not even Rockstar Spud, despite their history. However, Spud did enter during their match and voluntarily became EC3’s tag team partner, and the two of them defeated Matt and Tyrus. EC3’s face turn reminds me a lot of when Alberto Del Rio turned face in WWE in late 2012 en route to winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Like Del Rio, EC3 played the immensely hate-able rich bad guy for so long, that seeing him as a babyface was nicely different and a bit odd, but he made it work. I hope this lasts long.
  1. The Monsters’ Ball Tag Team Championship bout between the Wolves and Decay was epic in so many ways. I loved seeing Eddie Edwards swing for the fences with that Kendo Stick; wish the Yankees had him. The highlight of the match, IMO, came from Davey Richards, who took an innovative route to thwart Rosemary. Knowing how lethal Rosemary is when she’s spewing that mist (and Davey got a hint of that earlier in the match), Davey planted a kiss to Rosemary and literally sucked the mist out of her, only to use it against her. To be honest, this match really should have been part of next week’s Lockdown, but seeing it a week early was a nice treat.
  1. The Knockouts delivered with a tag team match pitting The Dollhouse’s Jade and Marti Bell against Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, with the latter team winning. It was what happened after the match that stood out the most, as the Dollhouse, as expected, orchestrated a post-match beatdown, only to be taken out by the returning Velvet Sky. After the dust settled, Velvet laid out the challenge:  herself, Gail, and Madison vs The Dollhouse in Lethal Lockdown! The match was officially announced later in the evening, making this the first ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown match in history. Lethal Lockdown is usually saved for the main event in past Lockdowns, and though Hardy/EC3 will most likely be next week’s main event, the fact that the KOs are in this environment is epic enough!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next week, when Lockdown is the subject!

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