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South Side Salutations; 5 Players to Watch in Spring Training

Spring Training is almost here, Pitchers and Catchers report this friday the 19th. Alot of fans are excited for the season to start. With the additions of Frazier and Lawrie expectations have been risen.  US Today gave a projection of 90 wins, Some white sox fans say this is a reach but for this to possibly happen 5 players need to step up their game this year Here are those 5 players;

  1. carlos-rodonCarlos Rodon- Carlos struggled with command the 1st few months of the season , after he made some critical adjustments the walks went down per inning, and he went 5-2 with an almost 2 era in his final 8 starts.  Jeff Samardzija is gone and the White Sox need Rodon to step up for the entire season and have a good record for this rotation
  2. Avi Garcia- Avi’s offense wasn’t to great in the 2015 season, in spring training he will be using a new stance that he has worked with hitting coach Todd Stevenson. Spring training will be critical in seeing how this new stance works and how it works for his offensive numbers. If the sox do not sign or trade for another outfielder they will need Avi to step up.
  3. AdamLaRoachAdam LaRoche-  Laroche is coming off a dismal offensive year last year and for our offensive to be better than last year we will need LaRoche to step up if Avi can’t.  The Sox need him to rebound because he is a true lefty in lineup. Robin has said he will be given an opportunity but also has to prove he deserves playing time.
  4.  Matt Latos-  The white sox say latos was a bargain when the signed him to a 1 year deal worth 3 million dollars.  Latos has had injuries the last 2 seasons. The white sox although have a good history with maintaining the health of their players. Having Latos bounce back with this rotation will be a great help For this team to win.
  5.  Tim Anderson-  As Many know the White sox have an interest in Ian Desmond and Tyler Saladino seems be to be the starter right now as we go to spring training. Tyler’s glove is great but he his offense was not so great last year. If Tyler doesn’t hit, Anderson may make himself a candidate to aid the club by having a good year at Triple A.  Anderson had a great year at Double A but the White Sox think he needs more time to work on his game.                       tim-anderson As of right now there are rumors that the Sox may go get Ian Desmond for SS, but if they don’t Tyler Saladino and Carlos Sanchez will be working to fill Alexei Ramirez’s shoes. Tim Anderson will be in the background waiting if neither can do the job. Another player the White Sox have been amidst rumors about is the Cubs Dexter Fowler. He’d be a vast Improvement over Avi for offense. If the White Sox go as is into the season we can only hope that those players can make vast improvements over last year.  As spring training starts stay tuned to see what goes on and IF the Sox seem worthy of that 90 wins that USA today projected to be! Can’t wait!!

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