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NBA 5 On 5 All-Star Break Edition

It’s All Star Weekend! With that let’s take a second to look at a few quick topics around the league.

  1. Coaches Packing Bags

george-karl-nba-sacramento-kings-press-conference-850x560Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale, fired. Nets Head Coach Lionel Hollins, Cavaliers David Blatt, fired. Jeff Hornacek and the Suns, fired. Last but not least, the Knicks and Derek Fisher, done. Changes being made all around the league, and next up is possibly George Karl of the Kings. Looking from the outside in, you would think he was doomed from the start. Honestly I believe it. Controlling a rowdy bunch of guys that haven’t sniffed a winning record and playoff run in God knows how long is no small task. You add in the medias’ continuous reports of DeMarcus Cousins arguing with George Karl and not getting along, and you now have a hot seat. Not to mention, it’s weird to have a team that’s 3rd in the league in scoring, and almost last in the league in stopping opponents from scoring. On all of these changes, it might be worth noting too, that all other teams have interim coaches, except the Cavs Tyronne Lue, who received a 3 year contract.

2.  The Return of Craig SagerCraigSager

If you happen to see a lot of color trotting the sideline on Sundays’ game, there would only be one explaination as to who it could be. The one, the only, TNT Sideline reporter Craig Sager! Battling Leukemia for the last couple of years has been the reason for his absence, and had not missed an All-Star game since ’88. Until last year. For sportscasters and broadcasters like myself, joy and excitement fills the air when you can see that smile and suit walking the sides and getting the scoop.

3. Trade Chatter

carmelo_anthony_wallpaper_by_keles61tr-d6jmbimCould you really see Carmelo Anthony leaving the New York Knicks? If he did where would he land? LA with the Lakers, or in Cleveland with LeBron? That’s what’s swirling around right now, and to be honest, Melo wants no part of it. His contract has a clear “no trade” clause which means if he doesn’t want to leave, he doesn’t have to. Another player on the rumor wire is Al Horford. Yes he has made it to another All Star Game (as a replacement), but he doesn’t feel bothered that his name is swirling around the league to be traded away. A 3 player deal here, a one for one there, Celtics this, New York that, it could go on. Even the Cavs know they need a piece before it’s all over. With only a few days left until the deadline, who will pull the trigger in an attempt to change their teams fate for post season play?

4. All Star Game Reformat?

NBAallStarLogoThe All Star Game is the ultimate pickup game and no doubt something everyone wants to reach at some point in their career. It leaves me wondering though if maybe the lack of defense, and ease of scoring is getting old in the fans eyes. I know one idea that I agree with thanks to the NBA on TNT crew, is having the All-Stars of the NBA, face the Euroleague, or world players. It would basically be the Olympics in a small sense minus the tournament format, and given the payers we have it might be considered unfair, but would be fun to watch to see who’s lighting it up out in the world.

5. Congratulations to Zach LaVine!

Another Verizon Slam Dunk contest in the books, and it again goes to one of the league’s most athletic players! Watching however, do you think Aaron Gordon should have won it this year? Here is the link, and ill let you decide.


What do you think about reformatting the All-Star game, or the Trade rumors going around the League? Put your feedback below, or find me on twitter!



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