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3 Things We Learned From Smackdown

With a depleted roster thanks to the WWE’s tour of Germany. The show evolved around the Styles and Jericho feud but what did SD have to offer?


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1. AJ and Y2J Make a Good Team..When They Try

We kicked off SD or so we thought with the big singles match between the two. Only for the Social Outcast to get involved. Interrupting, the SO had a verbal back and forth with Jericho which led to a tag team match to start the show. Both men toyed with the SO showing each other what each man could do.They made frequent tags and looked to be working well until Adam Rose caught AJ from behind. After being beaten down by Axel Rose Styles made a comeback but Jericho got the blind tag. Y2J was like a man possessed and quickly laid rest to the heel tag team.Only for AJ to tag himself in and finish the match with an awesome springboard punch on Rose. Both men were impressive but Jericho hit AJ with a Codebreaker to send a message.They would face each other in the main event but more on that later.



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2.The Dudley’s Quit Wood

So the Duds turned heel on RAW when they beat down the Usos. This had to come soon since returning to the WWE the nostalgic feeling has worn off. Bubba is an effective heel as anyone. As we have seen in TNA he knows what to say to get the right response. On SD they explained why they attacked the Usos. Telling the Universe they weren’t some old legends with a couple of catchphrases. Calling for the stage hands to take the tables away they got rid of the things the fans chanted for most. For one last time Bubba told Dvon to get the tables as they neatly stacked one and took it away with them. This was a brilliant segment with them being able to express just who they are.The most successful team ever it was time to be taken seriously again.


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Jericho Levels The Score

The main event was upon us and both men traded early on with each man showing their wrestling skills. AJ is the more talented of the two but of course Y2J has worked the WWE way for over fifteen years.These two were the main attraction and they were given time to work. Jericho took the advantage and showed of his heel repertoire. Jericho wore AJ down but he had enough fight to get back into it. Key words for Styles at the moment are pit bull and bulldog. Do you think the WWE is trying to get him over as an underdog(!)Back to the match and the heat got turned up towards the end.You could tell it was a good match when Jericho was using moves he last used in matches versus Mysterio. He hit a lionsault for a near fall on AJ but was caught by a neck breaker moments later. AJ went for his Styles clash only for Jericho to reverse into the Walls of Jericho. Styles was caught in the middle of the ring but he managed to punch his way out and turn it into the calf crusher. Jericho got to the rope to force the break but got dropkicked to the outside. AJ springboared over with the greatest of ease and looked to be in complete control. After a minor glitch Y2J hit the Codebreaker for the pinfall. Overall the feud was strong enough to make the show. A really good match and with that win Jericho ties it 1-1. With Fastlane only a week from Sunday will that be the place for Jericho Styles 3?

Quick Note: Brock Lesnar WILL appear on next week’s Smackdown! (Honestly)

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