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NXT 2/10/2016

A lot in store including Carmella vs. Bayley. Seeing how Bull Dempsey was released this week; we want to say happy trails and good luck in the future.

The Lone Wolf in the CFE arena
(University of Central Florida) to kick off NXT. His opponent the charismatic Johnny Gargano to the delight of the crowd. A look at the crowd and you would think it a was NXT Takeover Event. Baron Corbin would still look upset from his lost a couple weeks ago after his lost in the number 1 contenders match. His focus would be lost until he finally cornered Johnny and caught him across the nose. Corbin would just slowly ground Johnny especially in a gator submission. Johnny Wrestling as they like to call him would turn the match around with his spear through the ropes but going for a running maneuver against Corbin would land him in the Deep 6. We all know what comes next, and if you said End of Days you are completely wrong. SUPERKICK  FROM JOHNNY!!! 1….2… Kick out. Outside the ring Johnny would take it too Corbin with lefts and rights. Rolling back in the ring and END OF DAYS FROM CORBIN. 1…2…3.


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Two guys without a lower third. So basically we all know how this will end. If you know me by now, you know that people without a lower third will never win a match.

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Don’t get Blissed off by their outfits it’s Alexa Bliss. Her opponent Cameron ?!? Head scratcher. Two heels I like it. These two would just go at it especially Cameron who the crowd hated so much. Alexa would get back in and just pound on Cameron showing ruthless aggression. I never seen someone’s head be used as a skateboard, thank you Alexa. Alexa would hit the Bliss flip and the Sparkle Splash to win. Alexa wouldn’t stay out of Cameron face even after the win. ” She’s a woman” -Murphy


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The Macho Man as I call him Elias Samson would face off against; will if appear, yes a lower third and his name is Jesse Sorensen. Sounds familiar but Samson would still destroy Sorensen as if he didn’t have a lower third. No offense at all  coming from Sorensen in this match. Your winner Elias Samson.


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Bestfriend one on one
Here we go!!!
A hug before the match Awww now to wrestling. Back and forth in the early going ending with a stand off.
Bayley would started a bit with a knee to the face of Carmella with kept her down. Coming back from a commercial Carmella would show a little aggression pounding Bayley’s head to the ground but Bayley would just bounce back and pound elbows into Carmella. Bayley would be on the top rope and Carmella would push her off. A look of concern would be on her face as Bayley was on the outside. She would look at the ropes and look at Bayley. Suicide diving cross body!!!! OMG BACK IN THE RING ANOTHER DIVING CROSS BODY. Sliding Bayley back in 1…2.. KICKOUT x3. After a bronco buster from one another the two would trade pins on each other 1….2….3.
Your winner


Aww Baymella are still untied !!
Oh no Eva Marie and Nia Jax would attack Carmella and head butt Bayley. Leg drop after leg drop on Carmella. OMG ITS ASUKA TO HELP!!! “Asuka’s gonna kill you” chants would rain down as Eva and Nia would leave the ring.
Bayley would enter the ring to help Carmella and oh no, a epic stare down Bayley and Asuka. Only time will tell.

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