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Duelly Noted: Can the Blues Do Enough to Win the Cup?


The St. Louis Blues are one of the best teams in the NHL with a lot of great talent on the roster. In fact, they are so good that they make the Stanley Cup Playoffs every year. Unfortunately for Blues fans, the team has a habit of doing so well in season play but then they lose in the first or second round in the playoffs. The Blues have never won a Stanley Cup in their history. As of  now, they have a 30-17 record overall and they are in third place in the NHL’s Central Division. However, the Blues still have a lot of work to do if they want their first Cup win.tarasenko-vladimir

The first problem the Blues need to overcome is the lack of scoring from many of their players. One of their highest scorers is the right-winger Vladimir Tarasenko. He has 26 goals and 21 assists so far this year. Other good scorers include the Blues’ captain, David Backes with 12 goals and 16 assists and left winger, Alexander Steen with  15 goals and 28 assists. These three players have been behind most of the scoring and they should not have to pull this much weight. If players like Paul Stastny or Scottie Upshall were able to score more often, the team would be unstoppable.

brian_elliott_wallpaperSecondly, the Blues have some problems consistently winning games in regulation. They have trouble hanging on to leads that would hold out nine times out of ten with consistently good play. This usually results in an overtime goal for the opposition or losing in a shootout. Most recently, the Blues lost on Tuesday to the Jets in a shootout where goalie Brian Elliott had an amazing game all the way through and all it took was one mistake by the Blues to undo all of his work. If the Blues ever expect to do well in this season and in the playoffs, then every member of the team has to do their parts for the full 60 minutes. The best players on the team should not always be goalies. Brian Elliott or Jake Allen. Simply put, two-way hockey wins games.

BluesPentalyBoxTheir last problem is how much time they spend in the penalty box. The Blues’ biggest offenders are Vladimir Tarasenko, Alexander Steen, David Backes and Kevin Shattenkirk. Combined, these players have a total of 145 penalty minutes this season. Too many penalties are opening up too many holes defensively. The Blues cannot afford to get too many penalties in critical situations, especially as the end of the season draws near.

The Blues do still have a little while to go before the season wraps up but they really need to make some major improvements in the way they play. Hopefully the return of Jaden Schwartz will help put some spark back in a team that needs it most. Going out in the first round of the playoffs is a frustrating part of the Blues history but it is a hurdle that the team needs to cross. If they make these changes, the St. Louis Blues will taste Stanley Cup  glory in 2016

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