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5 Things We Learned From Daniel Bryan

5 Things We Learned From Daniel Bryan

Yes I know usually it’s five things we learned from Raw but for respect of Daniel Bryan and his career it will be all about him.

1.) Opportunity

After Daniel announced his retirement on Twitter you saw a lot of NXT stars or former indy stars thanking him. Beside CM Punk we really never saw a guy from the indies shoot to stardom like that. His style was different, more of a stiff Japanese style. Even though Seth Rollins is Mr. NXT we all will remember a young Daniel Bryan finally making it to the big time in the old school WWE.

2.) Humble
In and out the ring Daniel Bryan was respected by his peers. I don’t believe there was not one person sadden by him leaving. He is so young in wrestling terms and Lord knows how much greater he could have been if healthier. When he came out shaven beard and hair people thought what is going on. Daniel Bryan donated his hair to Wigs For Kids, an organization that gives hair to kids with cancer that lost theirs. And I’m sure we all remember the late great Conner The Crusher and his inspiring story. Him hugging Conner at Wrestlemania 30 will be forever be etched in my mind as one the greatest moments not in wrestling history but just history. I’m sure Conner is very proud of his hero Daniel Bryan.



World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Kane
WWE United States Championship (1 time)
WWE World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)

Money in the Bank (SmackDown 2011)
Slammy Awards (12 times)

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Daniel Bryan stated that he was grateful to have done all of this but NO! NO! NO! Daniel we are grateful for you. There will never be another Daniel Bryan.

5.) The Bear Video

Daniel Bryan demanded that WWE released his bear video and keep bugging them until we get it. I believe this is it enjoy.




All videos are courtesy of WWE’s youtube page.

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