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Who is the Most Hated Current NFL Player?

SBQnflLogoATG stands for Ask The Geeks. I posed 7 questions to all of our writers a couple of weeks ago and below are the 6 different writers who answered some of the questions I posed to them as the NFL season is coming to a close during Super Bowl week. But first here are the writers who made up our NFL panel.

1 Joshua Watford-Josh Watford is a sports writer and radio personality based out of Atlanta, GA. Josh covers boxing and Atlanta Braves baseball for Cleat Geeks, and he is a radio personality for The Fan Zone.

2 Zach Brunner-I am a college student studying sports management and coaching for my degree, and play in too many fantasy leagues some may say. I love talking sports and fantasy! I write articles on both football and fantasy football.

3 Clyde Dawkins–  I’m a huge fan of sports, especially hockey. My favorite teams are the New York Yankees, the Colorado Avalanche, the Chicago Bulls, the Green Bay Packers, and the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts. I’m also a wrestling fan, especially women’s wrestling, WWE and TNA.

4 Mike Hetzel– I am a BGSU student and a fan of all Cleveland sports. I have always had a passion for sports as long as I can remember. Lately I have had a passion for writing sports articles. I write articles for on the Cleveland Browns.

5 Cody Marsee– Bachelors in Kinesiology with a Sports Management Emphasis. Sports enthusiast with a Cincinnati Emphasis. Long time Cincinnati Bengals & Reds fan from the tri-state area, now living in Colts Country. Collector of sports cards & memorabilia.

6 Brett Casella– 2014 college graduate with a business degree. Lifelong fan of the NFL, also played football for thirteen years. ICFF All-American Defensive End. Decent writer.NFLSuperBowlQuestions

Tom Brady. Whether it’s justified or not, a ton of people cannot stand him. There is obviously a ton of hate directed towards the Patriots because they have not shown to be a very ethical organization. Others hate the Brady and the Patriots because they are successful every single year. I’d get sick of it if the same person beat me year after year! The last bit of people dislike Brady because they don’t believe he is that great. He is getting a ton of success from being in a great system. It’s the same system that allowed Matt Cassel to lead the team to a 11-5 record. (2)TomBrady2

The easy answer for most hated player in football is anyone in a Patriots jersey, but I’ll keep it simple and say Tom Brady. The reasons are simple. He complains to refs when he gets breathed on; and even worse, the refs acquiesce and throw flags in his favor. He complains to refs even when calls go his way, and of course, the Pats’  shady history of bending the rules. Easy to hate someone like that. (3)

Tie between Tom Brady and Cam Newton. Brady: People hate a winner, and that’s what Brady his. Six Super Bowl appearances, four rings, 10 AFC championship appearances, and this year will be his fifth straight time reaching the conference round. Tom Brady alone has played in more playoff games than 27 other NFL teams… let that sink in. Add his numerous alleged cheating scandals and it is easy to see why he is so hated. (5)

Newton: The hate for Newton isn’t as old as Brady, but a 15-1 record will bring out the anger in people. Not to mention that Cam is one of the most cocky, vibrant, enthusiastic players on the field. People don’t like his dancing, celebrations, and “disrespectful” attitude towards the game. I say he’s just having fun. Newton said it best; if you don’t want him to dance, don’t let him score. (5)

Manziel-MoneyI think after all of his shenanigans this season, Johnny Manziel gets my vote for the most hated player in Football.  This kid still cannot get out of trouble and you can see the frustration from the Cleveland Browns and everybody else in the league.  I guess rehab didn’t work out the greatest for Johnny because he is still partying and not slowing down. (4)


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