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The Ultimate Indians Lineup

We all have wondered what it would be like to have the all time greatest players in franchise history into one team, one lineup. The Cleveland Indians have had some great teams and great players in their 115-116 years of starting the franchise.

If it were me to choose, this would be my lineup for the Cleveland Indians.

1. Kenny Lofton (CF)


2. Omar Vizquel (SS)








3. Travis Hafner (DH)


4. Albert Belle (RF)


5. Manny Ramirez (LF)


6. Jim Thome (1st)


7. Al Rosen (3rd)

Al Rosen-003

8. Napoleon Lajoie (2nd)


9. Sandy Alomar Jr. (C)

Bob Feller (P)


Ok I know I picked a lot of players from the 90’s that I’m quite familiar with since I grew up around that time. But when you look at this franchise and their success, a lot of it happened around that time. It was an exciting and strong lineup in the 90’s. It was a fun time to be be around.

You might have a different lineup than I do, but if I wanted to bring all the Tribe greats together into one team, one lineup, this would be it. This is my take on The Ultimate Indians Lineup.





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