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Johnny Manziel May Never Play in the NFL Again

johnny-manziel (1)If your dad says you might not live until your 24th birthday, wouldn’t that get you to think a little? Not according to the one man show of Johnny Manziel.

Manziel’s father, Paul, released a statement about Johnny early Friday afternoon about his off the field antics.  “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday.” Paul Manziel also confirmed that Johnny has declined to enter rehab twice in the last week.

EricBurkhardtFollowing his father’s comments and the report of Manziel striking his ex-girlfriend, Manziels agent Erik Burkhardt has broken off connections with the troubled quarterback.

Manziel has failed to say anything about any of this.

Now, Manziel appears to be on his own to deal with these reports and with the recent statement from the Cleveland Browns, he is going to be without a team.  But if you were a GM, would you give Johnny a chance?

Johnny Manziel has had a spotlight on him ever since he entered the league. While many questioned his on field play, his off the field judgment would have to be taken care of as well.  It is important for a young QB to build up trust with the organization if you ever want to see the field.  With Manziel, there was an obvious disconnect.

Now I’m not here to go into Johnny’s past off the field screw-ups, I’m here to talk about his future.  The Cleveland Browns are already planning to release him, and reports surfaced that the Dallas Cowboys have spoken about not even considering picking up Manziel. Manziel wants no help, he is continuing to put himself in trouble, and has failed to be a leader. Is there any team that would want Johnny Football?

johnny-manzielJohnny Manziel has a problem far beyond football.  Manziel has failed to control himself off the field whether it is in Las Vegas or even his own home, he has not lived up his part of the deal to the Browns organization.  Manziel has a duty to not only himself but his teammates to lead and prepare for Sunday’s but he sees it as a big joke.  He has failed to stay out of the spotlight and focus on the task at hand.

Another reason teams may not want him is his play. Manziel has not put in enough film to know a lot about him.  Sure, he can scramble but can he flourish in the pocket.  Yes, Manziel is not afraid to tuck and run, but does he understand on how to make the smart play.  Manziel has some football talent but how much? Starting in a few games against sub-par opponents may not do it for some organizations looking for a change at the quarterback position.

Johnny-Manziel3Manziel also failed to change after his rehab stint.  He pledged to be more responsible but had a fight on a golf course shortly after due to his quick temper.  Did he really fix anything or was it all for publicity?

In the end, who knows if Manziel will ever step on an NFL field again. His lack of maturity and poor behavior is a big red flag when evaluating him.  He could be a superstar on the field, but if doesn’t represent himself the right way and also the team, there is no spot for him.  His dad is right, he does need some help or things could get ugly.  Johnny needs to take a step back and realize no one likes him right now. As I see it, Manziel will not be on a team come the start of the 2016-2017 season.  Manziel better figure things out or he may never play in the NFL again.



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