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3 Things We Learned From Smackdown

Memphis Tennessee hosted Smackdown this week. With Roman Reigns and Ambrose continuing to stand united what obstacles were in their way on this week’s edition ?



1.Ryberg !

Now who was excepting this? Ryback hasn’t done a lot since losing the IC title at Night of Champions. Maybe this is why he changed his look but unfortunately for him it’s brought up the old Goldberg clone debate. From chant’s when he first debuted his Ryback character and all the trouble with Punk. The Big Guy finally got the smart crowd’s respect. This move could be seen as a step backward but people don’t forget he is a much better worker than Goldberg ever was. Apart from his appearance on SD he faced Erick Rowan. The Wyatt’s are on a collision course with Lesnar at Mania but they need something to keep them busy. Big Show was the victim on Raw and Ryback was next on the list. Things didn’t go as planned even after beating Ryback down for the majority of the match he managed to hit the Meat Hook clothesline for the win. We will see what’ the Wyatt’s have in store for Ryberg.

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2.The Phenomenal One vs the Awesome One

Bringing a freshness to the WWE that it really needs. Styles is perfect for now and every match still feels special. On Raw he was on Miz Tv and credit to the Miz he explained and got him over more on the microphone then AJ would himself. The segment ended in a brawl leading to this match on SD. Jericho was on commentary and wanted and added his insight. It was the Miz’s best match in years I kid you not. Both men showed their aggressive side and they got time to let it flow.The King was really anti AJ and it made me think of the Cole/Bryan debacle. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that way. AJ got the job done with a calf crusher and both men looked stronger in the end. The Miz has a reputation for injuring others but in this battle he was the one who lost two teeth! Y2J confronted AJ after the match and proposed a rematch next week on SD (Yes!)  Not sure how long this Styles project will go on for but I’ll enjoy it whilst it last’s.


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3. Brothers in Arms… For Now

We started SD with Roman Reigns in singles action against Rusev. Even though Rusev is a part of the League of Nations he is in WWE bad books and it looks like there’s no sign of it abating. Reigns and Rusev had a fair fight mostly power moves what else did we except. Even with Del Rio and Barrett at ringside Roman was in control which led to interference on their part. Just before a beat down took place Ambrose came to make the save but accidentally took Reigns out. The Nation seized the opportunity and ganged up on the Lunatic fringe. Reigns came to his aid with a steel chair in hand making the League scurry away.This set up the tag team main event. It was a fair match with the standard Reigns and Ambrose dynamic. Roman was beaten down but Ambrose managed to get the hot tag. He came in like a house on fire and put down the Nation.Rusev and Ambrose had a nice exchange and he tagged in Roman. Reigns hit the Superman punch but Del Rio stopped the count.Both men went to the outside and Ambrose again flew to the outside but this time Reigns caught him. After a face off Reigns decked Rusev with another Superman punch and finished him off with the Spear. What will happen at Fastlane will the two finally implode ?

With the Chris Jericho and AJ Styles match set and an appearance from the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar next week’s Smackdown look’s like a cracker ! 

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