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NXT 2/3/2016

The Vaudevillians would kick off NXT in a gentleman like manner. They’re opponents, the crew that’s always hype; The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder&Mojo Rawley). They have pyro now… Oh God. Aiden English would start up with Mojo Rawley. Mojo would get hype early by connecting with a cross body on a un hyped English. In comes Zack with a deadly neck breaker and face buster. When picking up Aiden; Simon Gotch would get involved helping out his teammate. Zack would get distracted and Aiden would use that to his advantage. Are the Vaudevillians…. Villans now? I would have never seen it coming. Simon Gotch would ground Zack with a hammer lock followed by Aiden English tagging back and forth to ground Zack and keep him away from Mojo. Zack would finally find a way out of it with a step up enzuigiri. I’m Mojo with belly splashes for his opponents until he missed. Somehow Zack would tag in and knock English down and set up Gotch for the Broski Boot…… Miss. Rolling Dervish by The Vaudevillians!!!! 1….2…3.

Man she is fabulous!!!! Carmella the number one contender for the NXT Woman’s Championship makes her way to the ring. She would face off against Emma w/ Dana Brooke. Only in NXT do they give women the respect they deserve. Learn from this Vince. Carmella would get a strong side headlock on Emma only for to reverse into one of her own. Both would get dropped on their face on separate occasions.
With Carmella on the ground, Emma would lay down some vicious rights. Dominating most of the match Emma would slip up when going for a double hook suplex which Carmella would turn into a backslide pin. 1…2…3. Carmella wins.

Too late they would face off against two young upstarts who didn’t even get a bottom third for their names.
We all know how this would end.
AIR ENZO FOR THE 1…2…3. Keynote Big Cass would launch the kid so far out the ring that people say they are still looking for him.


So after the controversy last week after Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn made Baron Corbin tap out; General Manager William Regal announced that there will be a rematch pitting Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn. Sorry Baron.

It’s like once Asuka’s music comes on you wonder who is her next victim. She should steal Goldberg’s saying of “Who’s Next.” Speaking of Goldberg on Smackdown Ryback has new ring attire and he looks exactly like Goldberg. Does that mean people will like him? The world will never know.
They would name Asuka’s victim as Santana Garrett but no she didn’t get a bottom third (poor child). Asuka would eat the punches of Garrett and just yell for more. Garrett would run in fear but Asuka would catch her with her signature hip attack. Kick after kick after over hand strike; Asuka would make the PG rating look MA. Garrett would surprisingly get Asuka in a stretch which Asuka would turn into a jumping armbar followed by the Asuka lock. (Poor Garrett)
Asuka wins BRUTALITY

Main Event Time
Apollo Crews
Finn Balor
AWWW they shook hands before the match, I am loving the show of respect before they rip each other apart. Good back and fort from the two early on ending with Finn keeping Apollo locked in to a strong headlock for about three to four minutes. After the headlock exchange we would finally see Apollo land a dropkick square in the jaw of Finn Balor. Finn would roll out the ring. Back in the ring Apollo would tie his headlock then getting up and floating over Finn for a pin but, quickly being voided with a dropkick to the face. This was a game of chess with both trying to ground each other. Finally Finn would take it off the ground and apply some chops to Apollo followed by a armbar. Finally getting out of the armbar; Apollo would follow up with a clotheline and strong one to send Finn to the outside. Apollo would go for a moonsault to the outside but Finn would move out of the way and jump inside the ring and bounce to the outside for his diving front flip on Apollo. Back in the ring Finn would go to the top rope and double stomp Apollo in the back of the head. 1….2… KICKOUT. Finn would try for a DDT but Apollo would slip out and catch him with a right. Getting up Finn would run into Apollo only for Crews to hit a Samoan Drop. (I know he is not Samoan) Apollo would try for a enzuigiri which Finn would dodge and turn into the slingblade. Finn would sense Apollo reeling and run towards him to met with a big boot from Crews. Apollo would call for the end and lift Finn up for the gorilla press and the standing moonsault ! 1…2.. KICKOUT!! Finn would get up and snap off a enzuigiri to the head then slingblade followed by the deadly dropkick to the corner.
We know what’s next.
Coup De Grace
And a modify Bloody Sunday.
Your winner the NXT CHAMPION


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