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We Will Remember Them: Munich February 6th, 1958


Manchester United History: The Lost Flowers of Manchester

UnknownThere is nothing good about seeing a cavalcade of coffins, nothing uplifting, no soaring spirits, no matter what, nothing prepares you for the experience, anytime or anywhere.

Nothing prepared Manchester United in February 1958 for what was about to happen, no words came close, no Godly hymns near, to the lost ‘Flowers of Manchester United’.

Afterwards all that was left were ‘what if’s’ ‘maybe’s’, and ‘unfulfilled dreams’ followed by the annual reminder of ‘what could have been’ had the flowers been allowed to bloom.

The ‘Flowers of Manchester’ is of course a metaphor because in a flower you can see what it appears to be already and yet know that it has the potential to become much more.

The tragedy of youth cut short now seen only as images on black and white photographs or flickering on film is a testament to the unpredictability of life.
This unpredictability is something we all share, sometime, somewhere fate deals a terrible hand.



For all those lost on that day and the days that followed; travellers, journalists, Manchester United backroom staff and eight Manchester United players, the Munich Air Disaster will forever bring a heavy heart to survivors and supporters alike.

It is right that none are forgotten and that each is morned in their own way by family, friends and supporters. However rightly or wrongly supporters think mainly of the Manchester United players who died on February 6th,1958, and also more generally those who survived.

This United team was no ordinary team; not that given the horror of the occasion an ordinary team would not be mourned as much. But this Manchester United team was not ordinary, not in anyway, it was ready to bloom in all its glory, ready to reach unparalleled heights.

To read the list of all who died that day, or shortly afterwards, especially the eight young Manchester United players is to visit the ghostly shrine of stars who die young. Whose legacy lives on in those who saw them, and those, who in time, would only get to know them ‘in absentia’.

We Will Remember Them



In Memoriam

The Manchester United Players Who Died
Geoff Bent
Roger Byrne
Eddie Colman
Duncan Edwards (survived the crash, but died in hospital 15 days later)
Mark Jones
David Pegg
Tommy Taylor
Liam “Billy” Whelan


The Members Of The Travelling Party Who Did Not Survive The Crash

Walter Crickmer
Bert Whalley
Tom Curry
Alf Clarke
Don Davies
George Follows
Tom Jackson
Archie Ledbrooke
Henry Rose
Eric Thompson
Frank Swift
Capt Kenneth Rayment
Bela Miklos
Willie Satinoff
Tom Cable




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