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Total Diva Fallout (Season 5, Episode 3)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Total Diva Fallout, which recaps episodes of E!’s hit show, Total Divas. This week, a look back at last night’s episode, “The Truth About Cats & Divas.”

MandyRoseTotalDivasThe main story of the episode was the newest cast member of Total Divas, Mandy Rose. Of course, as we know, Mandy Rose is Tough Enough female runner-up Amanda Saccomanno, who was signed to a contract only a few months after participating in the program. The signing included Mandy being TD’s newest member, replacing Naomi. Mandy was shown adjusting to being the new girl in WWE, as well as forming a bond/alliance with Eva Marie. As the episode progressed, Alicia Fox’s drama towards Eva Marie led to Mandy wondering if aligning with her could be a mistake.

EvaMarieTotalDivasSpeaking of Eva Marie, this was really her first major appearance this season; she appeared in last week’s episode, but her storyline was minimal. Eva spent the episode making amends for the drama that unfolded in the previous season; many of the other TD, especially Brie Bella, voiced their displeasure over how Eva was planning to better herself, and that led to the Red Queen being nearly ostracized from the entire group. Eva went as far as to accuse Nikki Bella of failing at her position as Divas Champion by not standing up for her, but in last night’s episode, Eva and the Bellas maturely talked it out, and she would do the same with Paige, and the three former Divas Champions responded well to her.

NatalyaTysonKiddAnother key storyline featured Natalya’s attempt to raise the spirits of her husband, TJ, as he has been shown mainly watching old WWE PPVs on TV. She decides to throw a surprise party for him, but so many things went wrong, and a confrontation occurred between husband and wife, with TJ upset at Nattie’s assumption that he is “depressed.” They finally talked it out, with TJ saying that he’ll tell her if something’s wrong and that he cares for her, but IMO, while Nattie may have jumped to conclusions, if TJ had communicated more, she wouldn’t have had to make her own assumptions.

The Bellas were shown debating how they want to do business; of course, it has been established how different the Bellas are. Brie is more low-key, while Nikki is very flashy. Also, Rosa Mendes made her first appearance this season, as her pregnancy will be a major focus for Season Five.

Next week will basically be the aftermath from last night’s storyline involving Mandy and Eva Marie. Until then!

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