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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night’s Impact Wrestling was certainly wild and crazy, to say the least! Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:ImpactWrestlingTwitterPhoto

  1. While there was no Knockouts match on Impact last night, it was certainly Knockout friendly! Other than the usual Reby Sky appearance, Raquel made her first appearance since her debut two weeks prior; continuing her seductive games on Bobby Lashley. Rosemary appeared again during Hardcore War, but the stand out KO moment definitely came from Maria Kanellis, who gave her own promo stating that the Knockouts Division needs saving, and she can be its leader. That prompted current Knockouts Champion Gail Kim to come out and stand up to her rhetoric, and of course, the self-proclaimed First Lady of Women’s Wrestling backed down. It was epic to see two former WWE Divas on TV together in TNA. It does seem like Maria could be chasing the Knockouts Championship, which would be her highest title if/when she gets it, and she’ll definitely get the title in due time.                                      
  2. Maria’s husband certainly made an impact of his own, as he assaulted Drew Galloway during his match against Tyrus. Remember, a week prior, Mike Bennett crashed the Feast of Fired segment, which prompted Drew to stand up and have some words of his own for Mike as well as Maria. Of course, Mike got him back with his attack. I can’t help but believe that I and everyone else saw the next two World Heavyweight Champions. Drew has the case, of course, so he should be next up for the title, but after that, we should see a feud between Drew and Bennett start to brew.
  3. We heard from Ethan Carter III for the first time in two weeks, and he was in true babyface form. His segment, where he stated that he’ll never stop following Matt Hardy, has me wanting to see more of Babyface EC3. He also stated that he’ll be in the UK for the next episodes of Impact Wrestling, with the first one airing next week. I’m anxious to see EC3 now that he’s shown some humility and is clearly on the good side after what happened. He was already getting over in the last year; it will definitely continue now.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next week!

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