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The 5 Things We Learned From Raw

After watching the February 1st episode of Monday Night Raw here are the 5 things we learned from the action packed episode.

The First 15 Minutes

Ambrose&LesnarIf done correctly, the first 15 minutes of Raw can set up the rest of the program like an introduction to a good book. Or sometimes, in the case this week the first 15 minutes sets up not only the rest of the current program, but also a big program that will continue to WWE Fastlane.

Dean Ambrose is quickly becoming my favorite WWE Superstar. His promo tonight was perfection. It made Brock look strong, added to his lunatic character, and added to the triple threat match that will take place at Fastlane. But the reason it was perfect because was because Ambrose took over the promo and did not allow the big dumb Beast to talk, that is why he needs Paul Heyman.

Miz TV

stylesonMizTVJust like he said in his promo, the “E” is just as important as the “W” in WWE. Miz has long since been one of my favorite characters. He is one of the best of telling a story and understanding what he is suppose to do with a microphone in his hand. He did a great job of opening up the curtain into A.J. Styles life for us, giving us little tidbits that most wrestling fans did not know about him. He also did a great job of promoting him and comparing him to another great fan favorite Daniel Bryan. I, for one, hope that this will be the start of a great program between the Awesome One and the Phenomenal One! Look for a poll question on our Twitter account later today.

Charlotte vs. Nicki Bella

I do not understand this Charlotte vs the rest of the Divas locker room thing. They need to have Charlotte and her daddy Ric be the “dirtiest players in the game.” But do it with one diva at a time and with a great program of at least 2 pay-per-view matches. How does Becky Lynch look now? It is like she has just been thrown off to the side. The Divas Revolution is starting to look like the Dysfunctional Divas.

SashaTaminaNaomiWell, I actually got at least part of my answer later in the show. Sasha Banks would come to the ring and declare herself on her own and chasing the Divas Title currently held by Charlotte. That brought her other tag partners Tamina and Naomi from Team B.A.D. Out to discuss the announcement of her leaving Team B.A.D. And they stayed at ringside during the match between Sasha and Becky Lynch. During the match it spilled to the outside and Tamina and Naomi got involved. Sasha told them she didn’t need them. That made Tamina and Naomi attack Sasha. Who would come to her aid? Becky Lynch…..yes Becky Lynch.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

OwensVSzigglerKevin Owens is the best in-ring trash talker. There were a couple good spots in the match, but honestly the match was nothing special. It seems like the never say die attitude that was given to John Cena has been transferred to Dolph Ziggler. And honestly, it is getting old. Owens dominated the match but thanks to a zig zag out of nowhere Dolph gets the win. If I had to hear Michael Cole say the word resilience one more time during this match I was going to puke.

Main Event Time

New Day says we are in Bottyham Alabama, to a big crowd pop. Paul Heyman is at ringside for this match-up. New Day takes the first 5 minutes of the segment to entertain us and talk a lot about The Rock.

NewDayRawDean Ambrose absorbs tons of punishment from all members of New Day for the first 8 minutes of the match, then the hot tag to Roman Reigns. He cleans house, encourages the crowd, and does his 10 clotheslines in the corner on Kofi. Interfearance by Xavier Woods allows the New Day to regain control and a tag to Big E. Then Samoan drop to Big E and a tag to Ambrose who imediatly goes to the top rope and drops the elbow on Big E 1…2…a save by Kofi. Ambrose to the outside to a mugging by Woods while Kofi distracts the ref. Woods throws Ambrose back into the ring but Ambrose does his spin on the bottom and meets Woods with a stiff clothsline on the outside. Kofi with boots under the middle rope, Roman comes flying in and everyone gets involved on the outside. Big E and Ambrose are legal and now back in the ring. Tag is made Kofi is on the top, he misses Ambrose but Reins slides in and gives Kofi a superman punch! Big E runs from the corner toward Ambrose but gets caught in dirty deeds, and is pinned. Winner Ambrose and Reigns. LesnarF5ambrose

The familiar Lesnar music and as he makes his way to the ring New Day attacks from behind. Lesnar waits outside the ring laughing. Roman and Kofi on the outside gives Lesnar the opening to jump into the ring and deliver a thunderous F-5 to a helpless Dean Ambrose. Lesnar is left as the only man standing as Raw goes off the air.


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