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Atlanta Hawks: So Many Pieces, So Little Time.

With the trade deadline approximately a few days from now, I’d like to take some time to jot down and imagine for the Hawks what it would be like if I replaced each position in the starting 5. WARNING! This is not a super team line-up, but just some players that could potentially fit the Hawks cap space, and work the system.HawksBanner

PG) Mike Conley

His point production is down this year compared to the last 2 seasons, but there is no doubt that 13 pts and 5 asts fits the system of share and score basketball. How realistically possible is it to get a PG that can takeover games like Chris Paul or Damian Lillard? Remember, the Hawks work under the cap as much as possible. I forgot to mention, Conley is a great on the ball defender.

SG) Kris MiddletonMiddleton

Averaged 17 points last year, young, and plenty of growing room. This is probably one of the better choices too. Jimmy Butler and James Harden will definitely command money, and higher rated market, so don’t get your hopes up. Middleton has great awareness at both sides of the floor, and when he’s locked in he can score. Oh, and he is a great perimeter defender too.


SF) DeMarre Carroll

I would go to the ends of the earth to bring this guy back and put him in a Hawks uniform. What he did for this team in the ECF  last season was commendable, and should have been his card to the organization emptying the bank. Under no circumstance is he a max guy, but a 3-D wing is the way of the game. Slasher, Scorer, great passer, and if you haven’t understood by now, a great defender.


PF) David Westdavid-west1

Any man that plays a grown man’s game is good enough for me. Yes he’s 35 and getting older, and his minutes are down, but he can still rebound (averaging 4 per game), and if he starts again, he can put up Indy like numbers like he used to (12 ppg). Thats a big hope though. The main reasoning is having someone who’s selfless, a great court and locker room presence, and most importantly, a defender.


C) Hassan Whiteside

A true terror in the middle on both ends of the floor, who wouldn’t want this walking double double on their team? 12 pts, 11 rbs, and 3 blks per game is all I need to see to find someone to sign the dotted line. Yes he does have issues staying on his feet and not fouling when it matters most, but ask yourself, can that be coached? I sue think it can. He’s only been in the NBA 4 years, and at 26 years old, the sky is the limit. Don’t think I only like this kid for his 11 rbs and 3 blocks…Well I admit it. Yes, because stats have proven, the Hawks are still terrible rebounders (29th in the league), but at least they are 9th in the league in blocks. What would happen if you combine the 2?

Who do you think the Hawks need to get on track, comment below, or tell us on twitter!



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