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Dreaming of Spring Training

Are you as excited about Spring Training as we are? The crack of the bat. The dust sifting in the air from a catchers mitt when a red stitched ball hit it like salt from a salt shaker onto your favorite food. SPJerseys

It doesn’t matter if you are planning on going to where the cacti grow or the grapefruit ripen. We all want to wear the gear of our favorite team with the number of our favorite player. Now you can do both in style, a new style.

red sox ST hatThere was a time when spring training jerseys seemed like an afterthought. Glorified batting practice jerseys in many cases made to look all the worse by comparison when some teams wore them while others, at least for home games, wore their full regular-season style jerseys.

In the past few years, however, MLB and its merchandising partners have made a pretty big effort to improve the design of these things, both in terms of materials and in terms of aesthetics. Of course a big reason for this is to make it so that fans would want to buy slightly different versions of their teams gear. The recent results have been hit and miss. They tend to either be big hits, or hideous.

number-pattern-detailThis year I really like the actual Spring Training logo that has the feel of an interstate sign, and I like the faint but eye-catching Florida and Arizona theme words and symbols in the background of the numbers on the back of the jerseys this year as seen in the pictures provided for you in this article.Cap-Patch-Detail-590x411

This year, however, the designs look to have been hit by an MVP designer. Most of them look really good and a few of them even hit for the cycle. But, a couple of them are just a can of corn. Take a look at the slide show MLB has put together here, then tell us in the comment section below which ones go over the fence, and which ones harmlessly go into the catchers mit.


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