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3 Things We Learned From Smackdown



What did we take away from the first Smackdown since the Royal Rumble and on the way to Fastlane ?



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Neville and Kalisto Show What They Can Do

We were treated to this match on SD. Not sure why but it gave the two young men a chance to really shine. Both started there WWE careers in NXT and both tasted gold whilst there. You would be hard pressed to say Kalisto would have been in a higher position than Neville on the main roster. The man that gravity forgot has got lost in the shuffle and Kalisto has gone from strength in the tag team division to strength in singles action. The action was intense with Kalisto hitting a hurricarrana on Neville into the barricade. A top rope frankensteiner looked to have won it for the US champ. He couldn’t get the pin and the tide turned but only for a couple of minutes because when Neville went for his dead lift German suplex, Kalisto turned it into his Salida del Sol for the win. Both men shook hands afterwards and showed each other the respect they deserve. Great action and would love to see them given more time in the future,

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AJ Styles Makes His Smackdown Debut

It might not have been the longest or greatest of matches but it gives me a chance to talk about the phenomenal one. I have been a fan for years but thought there was no chance he would ever be in WWE. Making his début at the Rumble there hadn’t been a more heart-felt or exciting reaction from the fans since Daniel Bryan. Used right WWE have got a huge money-making Superstar on their hands but this is WWE so you never know. Mr Perfect vs Styles would have been a dream match. We had to settle for Curtis Axel but I like him nonetheless. Axel got in some offence but AJ was too strong and he hit the Styles Clash in a WWE ring for the first time. It’s only been a week but AJ is a breath of fresh air. Signs point to him facing Owens at Fastlane which would be a fantastic affair.

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The Wyatt’s and Reigns Running Wild

Chris Jericho’s highlight reel featured Ambrose and Roman Reigns as guests to discuss their Triple Threat match against Brock Lesnar at Fastlane. As most of these things go they were interrupted by the Wyatt’s who said they would dish out a beating to all three men in the ring. The main event was set and in a rematch from Night of Champions. The Wyatt’s, have taking it up a level in recent weeks, and it looks like Lesnar will face the Family at Mania. So it wasn’t a huge surprise the match ended in a DQ. Both teams needed to be protected and this was a way to do it.The match wasn’t too bad and at least Jericho didn’t walk away this time. The Wyatt’s were just about to punish Reigns when Big Show came face to face with Bray. The Wyatt’s were in control until Reigns made a comeback and the faces took the advantage back. These four superstars stood tall as SD ended. It’s going to be the biggest couple of months of Bray and Roman’s career coming up. Can both men prove they deserve to be the guy in WWE? We will find out on the road to Wrestlemania.



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