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The “Wild”card game

Green-Cincinnati-Bengals-v-Pittsburgh-Steelers-4Fv3OZi_SDBl-600x400A season with such hope, ended in turmoil. The season that started with the Bengals going 8-0 ended in what seemed like a blink of an eye.

With a 1 point lead going into the final minutes of the wild card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Bengals season took a turn for the worst. Burfict places a hit on WR Antonio Brown that draws a defenseless receiver penalty. This resulted in coaches coming onto the field to check on Brown, all coaches but 1 that is. Coach Porter proceeded past Brown and straight into a huddle of Bengals defensive players. Adam “Pacman” Jones didn’t take too kindly to an opposing coach joining the huddle. This led to an exchange of words with some shoving that resulted in Pacman being called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The 2 penalties moved the Steelers 30 yards closer to their endzone without them running another play. Porter, later fined $10k, was not penalized.

The Bengals versus Steelers game was filled with questionable calls (and no-calls). It involved many penalties & fines. It involved not 1 but 2 instances where Steelers coaches didn’t follow procedure. This isn’t the 1st time a Steelers coach has been involved in disrupting the game. Look back to the Steelers versus Ravens game when Tomlin “did not know he was that close to the field”.AtkinsRoth

The NFL later released that Porter should have been penalized & Martavis Bryant’s touchdown catch should not have counted.

No matter the outcome, there are 2 questions that come to mind. Is there a bigger rivalry in the NFL than Cincinnati Bengals versus Pittsburgh Steelers? And what is a catch?

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