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NXT 1/27/2016

How about we start off with a bang as in the greatest tag team in NXT. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable American Alpha. Their opponents, former TagTeam Champions Blake & Murphy w/ Alexa.
Jason would start off against Murphy with the crowd cheering American Alpha. Murphy would try to take the early advantage and sweep Jordan’s leg but Jordan used his agility to just jump right over his foot. Jordan would get behind and slam Murphy down to the mat. In Gable, making wrestling look so easy and so fun, and a great technician. For about five minutes it was a great technical exhibition put on by Gable on the tag team champs. Arms drags, I didn’t even know you could execute a leg drag until Gable showed me. Thanks Gable you alright (The Rock Voice).
After it looked like another great five minutes of wrestling, Murphy faked a leg injury which goated Gable in. Blake would attack from behind and so would Murphy. Focusing mainly on the knee, even using Alexa to attack his leg. The crowd would chant “Save the Gable”. Gable would be caught in the corner but some how get Blake over the rope. In comes Jason Jordan with drop kicks for both Blake & Murphy. Jordan would continue to heat up as the straps came down. When the straps come down you know how it ends. Tag Gable, and The Running Bridge Back Suplex or whatever you call it.

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From The Rock on Monday to Nia Jax on Wednesday, get it cause they are related. Okay since Josh from Tough Enough got in trouble for saying Social Jobbers I’m afraid I won’t be calling people jobbers anymore. From what I’m hearing its offensive. So Jax would take on Liv Morgan would I believe if she changed her gimmick she could be a dominant force in the woman’s division. Liv would get decimated by Jax even being tossed around by Jax. The leg drop would finish off Morgan easily.

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Weighing in at 299 and a quarter of a pound Bull Dempsey. His opponent the returning Alex Riley. We haven’t seen Riley since Kevin Owens destroyed him so yeah glad to see you back kinda. Bull would do jumping jacks which Riley was not in the mood for. All business from Riley just attacking Bull in the near corner.
Using his rage Riley would hit a running knee to finish off Bull after a signature spin buster.

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The Macho Drifter, as I call him, Elias Samson. His opponent…. Some guy who they didn’t take the time to make a bottom third for. Jon Skylar take you Tom for the name. Samson was unrelentless in his attack. Samson would hit a snapping knee on Skylar followed by a swinging neck breaker to end it.

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Main Event time.
Triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the NXT championship

Baron Corbin
Samoa Joe
Sami Zayn

Baron would get the first strike in acting as if he would attack Sami but instead attacking Joe. Corbin would knock Joe out the ring and focus his attack on Zayn till he got dumped out by Zayn. Sami would try to spring off the ropes but be voided by Joe. Joe would then beat on Sami outside the ring. He would come around and boot Corbin in the chest. Sami would finally get an opening on Joe till Corbin came from behind and hammered on Zayn. No wrestling moves here just a straight up fight from these three. Punches clotheslines and knees to the gut. Momentum would stir up on the side of Sami Zayn as he launched himself over the top rope onto Corbin and Joe. Zayn would pull Corbin back in the ring only for Corbin to hit him with the Deep 6. 1….2… KICKOUT. Joe would come in and take out both Zayn and Corbin.
Something we learned today, Joe is a effective striker. Joe would try to go for the muscle buster but Corbin would break it up. Sami would lift Corbin up for the BLUE THUNDER BOMB. 1….2….. KICKOUT.
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Joe would slide Sami outside the ring and choke him to sleep. He would then go after Corbin until he got caught with the End of Days. 1….2… Break up by Zayn. Corbin would take out his frustration of not picking up the win by striking with some furious clotheslines in the corner. Zayn would be depleted until he caught Corbin with the exploder suplex. With Corbin square in the corner Zayn would come running and HELLUVA KICK. 1…2…. Joe would break it up, and break Sami’s chest with a chop. Zayn would then send him into the steel steps. Sami would apply the Sharpshooter (Bret Hart would be proud of this man). Joe would come in and apply a Crossface (Daniel Bryan would be proud of this man). Baron would tap out but to who? Out comes William Regal announcing that he would have to review the tape to determine the winner. The show would just end like that. No winner but yet two winners.

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