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Only four coaches have had a winning record in Cleveland Cavaliers history and David Blatt was one of them. Blatt was 83-40 in his year and a half NBA career, which was all spent in Cleveland. He was fired at the halfway point of the 2015-2016 season for reasons that may never be revealed. The Cavs were in first place in the Eastern Conference with a 30-11 record and on track to win at least 60 games. Everyone in the city was shocked to hear the news of Blatt’s demise at this point in the season.

BlattSome people blame the thirty point loss to Golden State a few nights before. Some people say that LeBron James had everything to do with his firing. Cavs General Manager David Griffin says that Blatt did not have the players interest in the locker room. Blatt supposedly never held James and other veterans accountable for their mistakes and according to Griffin, the locker room did not “feel” the way it should have and felt “disconnected”.


No one knows if there were internal conversations with Blatt about his job but his last few mid-game and post-game interviews were definitely flat and unenthusiastic. It was like he knew something like this was coming.

The timing of this incident was definitely odd to say the least. Even with a winning record, we all knew that Blatt would be let go within the next couple of years. He was hired while James was still in Miami when the Cavs were a young team with no experience. It was Blatt’s job to make a mainly rookie Cavs team a “decent” team while they were rebuilding. After a year of that, James came back to the team and brought a bunch of veterans with him. Blatt went from a top dog coach calling all of the shots to letting veterans make calls that he was used to making. As good of a coach as he was, Blatt was slowly falling out of place with the Cavs and just not fitting in with all of the players that were being brought in. As of late, Blatt was not utilizing Kevin Love as he should have and that cost the team multiple losses. The team thought that all the meetings the Cavs were having were meetings to trade Love. It turns out it was to fire Blatt. GM Griffin recently told media that Love is not on the trading block, and that is probably because Blatt is gone.


After Blatt was fired, Assistant coach Tyronn Lue was immediately offered and signed a multi million, three-year head coaching contract. Lue was drafted as the 23rd pick in the first round of the 1998 NBA draft by the Denver Nuggets. Lue played in the NBA from 1998-2009 and has two championship rings from the Lakers in 2000 and 2001. He then started coaching as an assistant in 2009 and ended up as an assistant coach in Cleveland in 2014 where he remained until now. Griffin did not want Lue in an interim coaching spot because he believed he had what it takes to get the Cavs on track to exactly where they need to be. Being a former player and two-time champion, Lue knows what it is going to take to bring a championship home to Cleveland. Lue is going to have to condition the players because he likes to play an aggressive, fast paced game which is what the Cavs are going to have to do to keep up with teams in the West, such as the Golden State Warriors.

With this drastic coaching change, all eyes are going to be on the Cavs and the expectations for them just skyrocketed. Making this big of a move means that Griffin and the front office better have been right and now there is even more pressure to not only make, but win the NBA Finals.CAVS

Whether or not firing Blatt and promoting Lue was the right move at the right time, the bottom line is that Cleveland needs to win a ring this year!


I’m sure I could speak on behalf of all Cavs fans when I say we will miss you David Blatt and good luck in whatever your future holds!

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