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3 Impacts from Impact

Last night’s Impact Wresting was certainly memorable to say the least. Let’s look back at last night with my 3 Impacts from Impact:ImpactWrestlingTwitterPhoto

From the moment Impact went off the air last Tuesday, with Matt Hardy winning the World Title and turning heel, along with wife Reby Sky and the pair aligning with Tyrus, there was only one thing on my mind:  “What will Jeff have to say about this?” Sure enough, Jeff had his say, not knowing what to think about his big brother’s new attitude, but definitely knowing what to say, as he had choice words for all three of them. Going in to this, I just knew that I would hear from the now heel Reby, and sure enough, she didn’t disappoint; stating that they didn’t need Jeff, they didn’t need the fans, and that she is Matt’s only family. Wow! Of course, all of this led to what was supposed to be a World Title encounter between the brothers, but that was nixed when Eric Young and Bram took out Jeff, while Matt stood idly by and watched. To borrow a line from The Simpsons, “This ain’t over.”

Of course, last night’s Impact was all about “Feast or Fired.” For those who don’t know, Feast or Fired is basically TNA’s amped up equivalent of WWE’s Money In The Bank. Usually held in the fall, it has taken place in the beginning of the year since 2015. Instead of one briefcase, numerous competitors compete to acquire four briefcases. Three of them contain title shots. Originally, the title briefcases contained shots at the X Division, Tag Team, and World Heavyweight Championships, but the X Division Championship shot was replaced with a case holding a shot at the King of the Mountain Championship. But one briefcase contains a pink slip, so there are some dangerous odds at stake. Grado, Eli Drake, James Storm, and Drew Galloway each acquired briefcases, but it was pretty predictable who got what. In the reveal later in the program showed, Drew got the World Title case, Eli got KOTM, Storm got the Tag Title case, and poor Grado got the boot. Seeing as how Drew’s rise to main event status is continuing, Eli’s an up-and-comer, and Storm and Roode are back in Beer Money, it was expected that they were the ones who acquired championship briefcases. Time will tell when the cases are cashed in.

The third standout moment had to be the formation of this new twisted stable, known as The Decay. The formation centered around the debut of a new Knockout, only known as Rosemary, but those of us who follow the indies know who Rosemary is: Courtney Rush. As a staunch fan of independent women’s wrestling, and I have the DVDs to prove it, I marked out when I saw Courtney on TV. She is known for competing in SHIMMER Women Athletes, where she (as a babyface) held the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship in a quirky partnership with the villainous Sara Del Rey. She also competed for NCW Femmes Fatales in her native Canada, where she held the NCW Femmes Fatales Championship, and also is a former Bellatrix World Champion as a member of the Bellatrix Female Warriors promotion. Courtney has spent the last year becoming a villain in a few promotions, so to see her with this evil and twisted persona as Rosemary isn’t a shock. I am actually not too “crazzy” about Crazzy Steve being a heel, but his partnership with Abyss is very interesting, and Rosemary adds some more flavor. And they wasted no time going after The Wolves and the tag titles, as the duo stole them last week, and Rosemary entered with the titles during their attack towards the Wolves. Oh, this should be very intriguing!

Those are my 3 Impacts from Impact. Next week’s Impact will include an X Division encounter between Tigre Uno and Gregory Shane Helms! Until next week!


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