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Redsfest, This Fan’s Disneyland

It’s a cold winter day & what does this Indianapolis man find himself doing? Packing his Reds items (cards, balls, bats, markers, etc.) up & preparing himself for a 2 hour drive to Cincinnati to the Duke Energy Center for Redsfest. This is the biggest highlight of a Reds off-season for this fan.

This will be the 3rd year he has gone to the event. So what does he do differently? This year he has gotten his hands on a Season Ticket Holder Pass. This will get him into exclusive areas that the normal pass cannot.

BruceVottoHamiltonRedsfestAfter the 2 hour drive, he finally reaches Cincinnati & finds a parking spot that offers all day parking. There’s no way he isn’t spending the entire day there! He walks into the building & presents his pass. This gets him a slingbag & an exclusive Redsfest beanie. And since he has a Season Ticket Holder Pass, he also gets a ticket lanyard. Once he has everything, he goes to get in line. Did I mention, he is there 2 ½ hours before the doors even open? While waiting in line, he meets up with a fellow collector & fan who he set up a deal with for a Pete Rose Star City Bobblehead & an All Star Game Figurine. That’s right, the event hasn’t even started & he’s already acquired something.DeJesueJr.

The doors finally open & everyone rushes in. Now some may ask, what is Redsfest? Redsfest is an opportunity for Cincinnati Reds fans (and normal baseball fans) to meet in one area & have the opportunity to obtain autographs of some of their favorite former & current Reds, take pictures, & buy memorabilia.

CodyReedThis Reds fan had 2 goals in mind going into Redsfest weekend. Meet his favorite Reds organization player (whom he collected before he got to the Reds), Cody Reed, & get his Ivan DeJesus Jr. game-used bat signed by Ivan. He spends the day going from autograph line to autograph line & finally achieves both goals in the last 2 autograph sessions of the day.

Autographs lines aren’t the only thing there.  There is also a section where fans can buy memorabilia. This fan decided to go with a mystery bag from CEI Sports. The bag contains a seat from Great American Ball Park & a mystery signed 8×10. He picked the seat with his lucky number, 3. The mystery auto resulted in a Joe Oliver signed 8×10. He also spent a good amount of time (too much time) in the Reds Authentics section. In this section they have game-used/team issued gear along with many other things. He decided to get a jersey grab bag with a mystery jersey that could be autographed, team issued, or game-used. The result was an Alex Gonzalez signed team issued jersey. His other pickups were 2 game used hats, a game used locker tag, & a stadium used 5’x5’ banner of the coaching staff. He got that signed by Billy Hatcher shortly after.

This year was a success & he will be returning next year!

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