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Coming Down To Earth but Man Utd Still Need Wings

With 4 points from 6 in their last two away matches at Newcastle and Liverpool, Manchester United might be seen by some to be back on track for the Premier League Title. Even the manager Louis Van Gaal remarked that “United can still win the title” after the Liverpool game, but who is kidding who?Man Utd

Now the dust has almost settled on the last match the reality of United going on a run of victories, which they need to do, to win the title is highly unlikely. There are many reasons why it is highly unlikely and many views that argue against the possibilty of it happening.

If United are to win the title they will most probably have to do it without any serious additions in the winter transfer window. No Ronaldo, no Bale, no Nemar, the usual mantra which has historically comes out from United at this time of year is ‘there is no value in the market because clubs want to keep their best players’. The winter transfer window has very much become United’s ‘Groundhog Day’ with promises of possible additions before it opens, and explanations why it did not happen when it has closed

For United to build on the 4 points they have just gained they will have to go on a serious winning streak. It may or may not start on Saturday 23rd January at home to Southampton. Van Gaal might also need to look at his match day strategy and the club’s own history for better things to come.

AshletYoungUnfortunately he has been hampered by a serious injury to Ashley Young who now seems destined for a long stay on the sideline. That is Van Gaal would have been hampered if he played his players in their right position.

One of the issues United fans have with Van Gaal is that he seems determined to make a ‘silk purse out of a sows ear’. Let me rephrase that and take Young as an example. Young is a winger and that is the role in the team he has played most of his career, however Van Gaal has converted him to a full back, which to give Young credit he has taken on board.

However Young is not alone, there is Antony Martial, a centre forward of prestigious promise but one who at the moment plies his trade on the wing. There is also the vexed question of Marouane Fellani who has played midfield, centre forward and occasionally in the hole just behind the centre forward. These players are not alone in Van Gaal’s methodology, they play where he tells them to play and that’s the way it works.

The often reported critic Paul Scholes likened Van Gaal’s methods as “putting square pegs in round holes”. Which as analogies go is fair comment from one of the best midfielders of his (or any) generation.

VanGall&JanuzajNow that Adnan Januzaj has returned to the club perhaps Van Gaal will use him in his best position, perhaps not. However Januzaj can play on the wing and United history is all about great wingers. It is the way most United supporters want their team to play and hopefully Van Gaal will finally recognise that and entertain their desires.

Steve Coppell, George Best, Willie Morgan, Gorden Hill are only a few of the wingers who have graced the Theatre of Dreams over the last few decades. If Van Gaal wants to entertain and if he wants to bring back excitement from the past he could do worse than use his wingers when United come back down to earth.

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