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5 Things We Learned From RAW

1.) 14x

– Only one thing to say it’s time to play the game. The game said he would be scouting on who he will face at Fastlane.

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2.) Only in our dreams

-Aj Styles vs. Chris Jericho, one of the many matches we thought we would never see.

– This is something you had to see to believe, the pop that Aj Styles got. Vince needs to stop being so narrow minded (Roman Reigns/ Big musclar guys) and push the people who deserve it. Aj Styles, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and the people who deserve it.

– Great match and great storytelling, I really thought Aj was going to lose this match. Great performance by Aj Styles.

– Can I just say I love handshakes and respect at the end of great matches. That was what we saw here along with a stare down. Please don’t ruin Aj with bad booking.

– “I belonged here the whole time”
-Aj Styles

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3.) Laughing to the Bank

– Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch, thank you WWE two great matches in a row.

– If you remember Sasha vs. Becky was so great in NXT. They picked up where they left off. NXT chants raining down on these two great women not divas.

– Great match until Charlotte interfered.

– Random thought, bring Bayley up so we can have a fatal four way at Wrestlemania. Just think of how much money that would draw.
Book it Vince.

– Please when Sasha wins change the name of the Championship back to the Women’s Championship and drop the whole “Divas” thing. Give them some respect, they deserve it.


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– All day WWE has been saying a major star was gonna return. A car pulls up and inside of it is The Miz.

– OMG ITS THE ROCK AND HE IS BACK WITH A FURY. FROM MAKING FUN OF LANA AND THEIR ONE NIGHT STAND TO CALLING BYRON THE OTHER BLACK GUY. GOD I WISH MORE STARS HAD THE FREEDOM OF THE ROCK. He went off script and talked to the fans. By the way it’s no way The Rock segment was PG. The Rock went off script because the crowd was mad about the WWE moving fans dressed up as The Undertaker, The Rock, Randy Savage in which they cheered for and oh god Hulk Hogan. Vince must be throwing a fit, The Rock even introduced all of them and let them talk, great way to control the crowd. It’s just something that can’t be put in words.


– Only The Rock can get away with calling the New Day horns llama penises. Only the New Day can get away with talking about being black on tv in WWE ( and Byron Saxton). Something I only could dream of.

– JUST SO MANY FEELS. Ohh and The Usos were there to help The Rock. WWE can we get this 25 plus minutes of greatness every week.


5.) Remember When?

– In our main event it was Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus and Rusev.

– Let look past the match, of course Roman and Dean won but they had unfinished business.

– Dean Ambrose would come by the announce table and destroy it, ripping it apart. He would even clear the Spanish announce table. Finally he looks like a lunatic. His target Rusev for what he did to Roman at the Royal Rumble. ( He put Roman through a table.)

– They both grabbed Rusev and shades of The Shield they powerbombed him through one announce table to the other. ( Where is Seth when you need him.)

– Finally Stephanie would come out and say she is impress with what she had seen. So at Fastlane in order to figure out who will face Triple H at Wrestlemania their will be a triple threat match.
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose



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Raw overall grade: A

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