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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions

My favorite time of year because it’s the Royal Rumble. This year’s edition throws up some interesting matches but the main thing will be if Roman Reigns can beat 29 other men and keep hold of his WWE Championship.


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WWE Intercontinental Championship

Last Man Standing.

Dean Ambrose v Kevin Owens

These two men have been entertaining audiences with this feud for the past couple of months. Tonight it comes to a head but which man will be walking out champion? Well this is a really difficult choice,first you have Owens. A man who hasn’t been on the main roster for a year yet feels like a top-tier talent. Then there’s Ambrose one of the most popular superstars in WWE he has grown in his role as champion. I’m going for Owens the Canadian has a bright future ahead but WWE want him to build up the secondary title. A loss for Ambrose in this type of match will cause him less damage in the long run.

Winner: Kevin Owens



WWE United States Championship

Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto

If it wasn’t for Sin Cara’s injury Kalisto might well be challenging for the Tag titles at this event. For Kalsito this is a big jump up since his performance at TLC Kalisto has been the one to watch in WWE and judging by his win over ADR for the title on RAW the WWE universe agree. My only problem with quick title changes is that apart from shock factor what does it accomplish. It usually degrades a title but with the two’s chemistry this should be a fun match. I fully expect Del Rio to retain but except some show stealing spots from Kalisto.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

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WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day vs The Usos

This match feels a long time coming. Arguably the most popular and despised tag teams square off. Can the Usos reach the top of the mountain again or will the New Day find another way to cheat ? Hopefully the Uso’s pull it off and become champions again. Jimmy and Jey don’t get enough credit for being such a good team and a win here will catapult them back to where they were before the injury. As for New Day it still works and they can continue their feud with the Usos leading to Mania and hopefully the involvement of the Lucha Dragons.

Winner: The Usos

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WWE Divas Championship

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

I hope this is not filler in between big matches. The Divas deserve respect on the main stage. What a better way to give it then giving the girls time to work . To try to get the live crowd involved and not just because slick Ric’s at ringside. Becky is the only positive in the strange Divas division as of late and has been severely overlooked by many. Hopefully these two can channel their classic match on NXT as opposed to a five-minute match on Raw. Being the daughter of the dirtiest player in the game Charlotte will have a few tricks p her sleeve and with her recent heel turn she should retain.

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WWE Championship

Royal Rumble Match

So the big one and for the first time since 92 the WWE Championship is the prize for the winner. Which way will it go ? Recently the Wyatt’s have been on a tear in WWE and they pose a serious threat. League of Nations will have their say in the match as well and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a face off between the two groups. Apart from the champ, Brock Lesnar is the man to beat entering only his second Rumble match the first being the one he won in 2003 he is a heavy favourite. As for surprise returns the past two Rumbles haven’t delivered on that scale but this year feels different. Roman Reigns will overcome the odds again and set a date of destiny for WrestleMania. As for Triple H entering it is a huge possibility but would he put ego over what’s best for business?

Winner: Roman Reigns

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