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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling from the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with the Royal Rumble.

Paige and Nattie

Raw featured a double dose of Divas action, with the second match seeing Becky Lynch defeat Tamina and have her Divas Championship challenge answered by Ric Flair, much to Charlotte’s chagrin. However, the first match stood out more as it saw the returns of both Natalya and Paige to WWE TV. Natalya was the one in action, as she defeated Brie Bella, but clearly, the pair returned to help promote the season premiere of Total Divas, which aired the following night. What I like about this is Paige is back to being a babyface once again, after spending only four months on the dark side. Paige last appeared at the TLC PPV last month, where she failed to dethrone the villainous Charlotte as Divas Champion. Natalya’s last TV appearance came in November, when she defeated Naomi and Tamina in singles matches. Both Divas had been nursing injuries, with Paige actually suffering a concussion, while Nattie suffered an ankle injury.

Kong vs Gail

As for TD’s season premiere, it mainly centered around the fallout of the season finale, with Nikki Bella dealing with Dolph Ziggler’s attempts to get back with her. At the same time that TD aired, Impact Wrestling aired as well, and it featured the latest chapter of Gail vs Kong, with the former winning to remain Knockouts Champion. It also saw the televised debut of Raquel, aka former Tough Enough contestant Gabi Castrovinci, as she was shown briefly in a backstage segment with Bobby Lashley. The ultimate standout moment was Reby Sky completing her inevitable villainous turn and helping her husband, Matt Hardy, capture the World Title from EC3. So now TNA has not one, but two heel power couples:  Matt and Reby, and Mike and Maria. Very interesting.

Carmella NXT 1.20.16

NXT, to me, was pretty basic, and the Divas match was no exception. The bout featured Bayley and Carmella paired up against Emma and Alexa Bliss, and Alexa was Emma’s partner because Dana Brooke is still not cleared to compete. Of course, this comes a week after Carmella won a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal to earn the right to face off against her good friend for the title. I was not looking for any teases between Bayley and Carmella, so I wasn’t disappointed when I didn’t see any “accidental” miscues or Carmella attempting to upstage Bayley. There are two episodes left from the tapings from earlier this month, but they taped four more episodes this past Friday. The build up to this title encounter should be quite interesting to say the least.

Evil Fox 2016

Thursday’s SmackDown featured the evil Alicia Fox in action, as she was Becky’s “tune-up” opponent before the Rumble. As many already know, Alicia has been sporting a new look in recent months, but she really hasn’t showed it off until about a few weeks ago, maybe because WWE originally didn’t allow it. Alicia’s been in WWE since 2008, and it was reported yesterday that she signed a three year contract extension, which will make her the first African-American “Decade Diva” in WWE history. I have often been critical of Alicia’s in-ring skills, but I’ll say this:  she’s come a long way since starting out in WWE playing a wedding planner back in 2008.

Sasha Banks RR 2016

As expected, Charlotte and Becky stole the show at the Royal Rumble last night, but as I also expected, Charlotte held on and retained against Becky. I did not expect Sasha Banks to pop up after the match ended. Sasha, who has been sidelined briefly, appeared and attacked Becky, but later assaulted Charlotte, while holding up the Divas Championship. Now, I was expecting a full face turn from Sasha, but it appears that she’s just portrayed as being no-nonsense. However, I feel that Sasha is not ready for a title run; she still needs some improvement in the ring, but that won’t stop WWE from putting the title on her (most likely) at WrestleMania. We could see a Triple Threat Match between Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky, which would be epic! It would be more epic if Bayley was involved; putting all four Horsewomen in the huge spotlight, but she still needs to hold the fort down in NXT for just a few more months.

A new week begins tonight with the fallout from the Royal Rumble. Also, Lucha Underground returns this Wednesday, and Shine Wrestling will be back in action with SHINE 32 on Friday! Until next week!

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